Bought Streets & Trips 2010, and was shipped version 2009. Should I return it?
Ok here is the rub. Bought Streets & Trips 2010, and was shipped 2009. Can I be happy, or do I ship it back?

Please help.


PS: great forum
Ship it back. 2010 is much friendlier and the map data is newer!

Ken in Regina
I agree with Terry. 2010 has many new features and a whole year newer map updates.

Thank you very much. I need friendly because I am a PURE newby. Again thank you
Marvin Hlavac
Darkside, welcome to the forums. And just so that you don't feel so bad about what happened, the following are a couple of samples of similar stories:

* http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2909-did-i-buy-streets-trips-version-2009-2010-a

* http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2841-bought-wrong-version-how-tell-s-t2010-s-t2009
I wish more forums were as friendly and fast as you folks. Very much appreciated.
Marvin Hlavac
Let us know if you succeed in exchanging it for the correct product version, and which store you deal with.
Let us know what does happen as you really need Streets & Trips 2010 because of the news maps.
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