Does anyone use Asus T91 MT netbook for GPS navigation?
I am new to this forum, but I am looking at the new Asus T91 Mt netbook as a navigation solution with a RAM Tough Tray II mount.

Has anyone already started using this netbook for GPS navigation?
I have played with this model briefly in Microsoft Streets and Trips. It seems to me that the biggest performance handicap with this model is the 1gb of memory, but that can easily be upgraded to 2.

Overall, I'm sure that it will make an excellent easy self-contained CarPC. As for mounting it in that tray, I'm trying to get some answers as well in another thread. What kind of vehicle do you drive and how are you intending to mount it?
I drive a Land Rover Defender 110 Utility and I am looking at mounting it either on the passenger Jesus bar with a short Ram arm or on the windscreen with one of Ram's triple suction mounts.
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