Search on Live Search 2008 Vs. Search Results 2010
I have recently upgraded from Streets & Trips 2008 to Streets & Trips 2010. I want to make sure I understand the difference in the Bing Search (not Bing Maps) functionality.

As I understand it, in Streets & Trips 2008 the "Find" function searched the internal POI file and the "Search on Live Search" function searched the net on Bing. SOLS had its own drop down search perameter bar.

In Streets & Trips 2010, it appears that the "Find" function is intended to search the internal POI file and Bing on the net simultaniously. I assume it works this way, because I am not seeing a separate search perameter drop down bar for what is now called Search Results.

Bottom Line, I'm fuzzy on the Bing Search function in Streets & Trips 2010. The Help file didn't. I would appreciate the 411
Okay, answering my own question, here:

I found the "Find Nearby Palces" button. Obviously the FNP function is not combined with the Search Results function...
Marvin Hlavac
In the 2008 version, which was the first version which included the live search (IIRC), the live search had a bit different implementation. I think that's what may make it a bit confusing, at least at first.
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