[Real Estate] HomeQuest now exports listings formatted for routing in Streets & Trips
Marvin Hlavac
Are any real estate agents amongst us here at Laptop GPS World forums? What software do you use in your business? Is anyone familiar with HomeQuest? It seems like a useful productivity tool, and it just added a new feature - HomeQuest is now able to export listings formatted for routing into Microsoft Streets and Trips.

This video showing a realtor using HomeQuest and exporting his listings to Streets & Trips. He says they e-mail their Streets & Trips files directly to their agent's cars, which are equipped with laptops built into them, that are running Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS.

Via S&T Team blog
Marvin Hlavac

Chris writes:

We have a small real estate company that we use as a springboard for development projects (and fun stuff).

The car has a mount for a touch screen tablet laptop with satellite internet along with a printer and scanner mounted in the glove box.

We even use gps to display the agents location in the interactive map we use.

check it out


Very cool Marvin, this is where I live Portland OR. It is usually very active here for realtors even in today's market. It appears to be very useful aplication.
HomeQuest looks like a startup. Copyright page has only got the current year (2008) on it.
Marvin Hlavac
You are very likely correct, even though the copyright info on the bottom of the page may not necessarily be a reliable indicator. Google.com also has only the current year, 2008 Google, posted on the bottom of its pages .
HomeQuest Agent Signup is for

* Portland Metro
* Boise
* South Bay Area
* San Diego
* Seattle
* Phoenix

It doesn't offer Louisville, KY or Southern Indiana MLS users. How sad.
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