How can I add National and State Parks data to Streets & Trips?
Just bought Streets and Trips and have found the POI mega file, but haven't had a chance to check it out.

Are there any downloads that provide details like hiking, biking, horseback trails in national and state parks? I know National Geographic has this info, but it is extremely expensive, and I've gone back into the stone age at home and have no net connection so the cheaper Nat Geo software isn’t an option. I also like having all my info in one spot, so I was wondering if maybe someone has taken the time to provide more detailed State and National parks info/mapping.
Perhaps others will have a different answer, but as far as I know, the applications listed on this forum are primarily for road navigation. National Geographic TOPO is an excellent application even though it is $100 for the state maps which provide an incredible amount of detail and are USGS maps. They also provide GPS tracking, although I don't know if you want to carry around even a netbook while hiking. In my opinion, they are well worth the money as they include ALL of the USGS maps. And, as you know, you can download hikes.
I am aware this is a road mapping software, however getting to the trail heads requires driving

Just wondering if anyone had done something like this. Nat Geo has some great software however 70-100 bucks a state/region is high considering that Iím looking at multiple states, but something I might need to look into considering that to buy the maps would be higher than the software, but the maps are water proof.

It would be nice to compile at least trail head info along with a complete listing of State/National parks. I have had the opportunity to look over the POI Mega file, and while this is a great help it also lacks some/many state parks, a few National ones and very few to no Wilderness areas.

I would be interested in working with others to compile the data for trail heads, National forest and other outdoor spots. I live in South Eastern TN so the Great Smoky Mountains along with many other National forest and wilderness areas in my region are something I would be wiling to compile.

That is if others are interested. Not sure how many hikers and outdoorsy types use this software. If we combined our efforts then a better idea of where things were could be compiled.

I'm not looking to use this for hiking, map/compass and hand helds are fine for that but just to gaining more info about where trail heads, national parks, State Parks, wilderness areas, OHV parks, historic site locations basically anything outdoors would be a great addition to this software.

I was curious if anyone had this info for Streets and Trips. I know Nat Geo has most of this and people might not be looking to reinvent the wheel.
Marvin Hlavac
LCRover, this seems like an excellent idea for the POI Mega file. I'm sure many people would benefit from such data.
Ken in Regina

Have you looked at any of the other POI sites, like POI Friend or POI Factory, etc.? If you look in the categories for hiking you might find additional information available.

Would any of these help:
national parks | POI Factory
There is a GPX file on that site, "Categorized list of 8437 National Park Service POIs" that looks pretty good.
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