Streets & Trips 2010 won't recognize USB GPS without use of the USB extension cable
Can't get PC to recognize (get tone handshake) the USB GPS receiver unless I use the 24" cable supplied from Microsoft.

Works fine with cable, but shows not connected without. (This is not a reception issue.) Lighted word "Microsoft" glows either way.
Often,the laptop is too electrically (or rf) noisy to allow the GPS dongle to work when directly plugged into a USB port. Using the extension cable allows the GPS device to be located further away from that environment and also provides for better sky view placement.

Thanks for the info, but the GPS dongle itself is not recognized by the USB system (no recognition chime or notification down by sys tray) when plugged directly into the laptop. I get the error msg that there is no GPS device was found, and the com port is available but no gps signal is received.

But use the cable and it chimes and notifies like it should and work fine??

Don't ever try to use these dongles without the cable (it may work): you will lost valuable signal because of potential rf noisy laptop. This is specially important when driving in city with tall buildings. With the cable, you can easily bring the gps unit somewhere near a vehicule window (windshield), or locate it to achieve maximum signal performance...
Thanks, but I still can't understand why the gps dongle isn't recognized as a new usb component when plugged in without the cable. It may not work well, but I would think it would be recognized as a new piece of hardware and then the chiming and the notification on the screen would kick in.
Ken in Regina
As Terry (tcassidy) said, your laptop might have enough RFI (radio frequency interference) that it messes up the dongle badly enough that it's not functioning properly when it is close enough to the computer to be plugged in directly.

It doesn't take much distance to get clear of that electrical noise so that the dongle will function properly.

Have you tried the dongle in another computer?

Good idea.

I plugged it into the USB port in the front of my Dell tower and it was recognized instantly. ???
If the dongle is plugged in when I turn on my laptop, it isn't recognized, but if I plug it in after the computer is started, it works fine!

Just a thought
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