Is any software better than Garmin Mobile PC for GPS navigation for my laptop?
Fast LT1
I'm looking to get GPS navigation for my laptop, have been looking at the Garmin Mobile PC, but a lot of people seem to have problems with it. Is there anything out there that is similar to that and that works better? Maybe even cheaper too? BTW I have considered all the problems with laptop GPS, it will be mounted on my laptop mount in my old patrol car, which also has a 400w power converter installed on it.
I am sorry you have heard of problems with Garmin Mobile PC. It is definitely my favourite and has been trouble free on most devices I have tried it with. As far as price, others have had success with refurbished versions that included the 20x USB GPS purchased on eBay. You would need a fast internet connection to download the latest map from Garmin though.

You might also consider trying Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 which can be purchased as a package with a GPS. I understand it is less expensive.

Marvin Hlavac
Fast LT1, welcome to Laptop GPS World. What problem or two did you hear that worries you the most about Garmin Mobile PC?
Fast LT1
I've read that many people have been using it and had it crash! I have used Garmin products before with very satisfactory results, I had 2 Nuvis until they were stolen, so I figured I'd just get laptop software since my laptop is always in my car.
Ken in Regina
So far it is only the very latest release (5.00.70) that crashes. Garmin makes program updates available for free downloads as soon as they are released. Some people like to jump on them right away. Sometimes we pay the price.

You do not need to apply this update. If you buy it right now, you will receive 5.00.60 on the DVD. It is stable. You can wait to update the program until the next stable release comes out. It will be free to download.

al rogers
I have a Garmin in my car and it works very well. But when I first started using a GPS it was from Delorme. Over the years I have installed Delorme Street Atlas on a laptop, and it works very well with no crashes, plus I have a Delorme hand held. Not plugging Delorme but its worth looking at when you are looking around.

Fast LT1,
What do you have a LT1 in? My husband had the LS1 in his 2001 Camaro Z28 - loved that car!!!

BTW, I like Microsoft Streets and Trips the best!
Fast LT1
Mine is a 1996 Impala SS ex Under Cover Police Car. Has all the bells and whistles, Arrowstick, front visor led's, 100 watt siren, Laptop mount, radio, etc...

I also have a 1995 Impala SS, both the 95 and 96 are the Dark Green.
I'm not familiar with the Garmin software. I had used the Delorme Street Atlas for versions. I was very dissapointed in the number of serious errors (like sending me accross the median and down the wrong direction in a divided highway), their lack of response to the repeated corrections I had sent to them and their attitude when I spoke to the factory about the errors. I purchased the 2010 version expecting to see some of the corrections I had sent them, but none were resolved. They accepted my return of the 2010 version. I'm now using the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 and am very happy with it. Delome is known primarily as a mapping company and Microsoft as a software company. Ironically, Delorme's maps are full of serious errors and out of date, but their interface is great. Microsoft maps are better but their interface leaves a lot to desire.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi mjbeharry,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

While DeLorme is a mapping company, it is very difficult (or impossible) for any mapping company to compete with giants like Navteq or Teleatlas. These two provide navigable map data to not just Microsoft, but for most navigation devices and online maps.
While it's understandable that a smaller company might have more challenges keeping their maps up to date, that doesn't help me. What's not understandable is why they can't process the serious errors that are reported to them. Regarding the 3 years without a correction to the Naples WalMart and other Collier Blvd. business locations, all they needed to do was to go to the WalMart website to verify the location. I need accurate maps, especially when piloting a big motorhome with a toad. There's no backing up and it's not easy to do U-turns.
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