How to add location awareness to your Windows 7 PC
You may be interested in this add-on for Win 7 that makes it location aware:

How To Add Location Awareness To Your Windows 7 PC

Andrew Watson
Perth, Western Australia
Marvin Hlavac
It makes me want upgrade my Vista laptop to Windows 7 .

Thanks for sharing, Andrew.
Nice find. This is what I've been looking for in Windows 7. I have the location awareness feature, just nothing to use it until now.
Marvin Hlavac
Hey John, it's nice to see you here! Welcome to Laptop GPS World. This solution will not replace your BU-353 GPS receiver running your Microsoft Streets & Trips software, but it will likely come handy those times when we don't need pinpoint accuracy, if we need to just open an online map and we just want it to zoom approximately on the city we are in.
It seems that you can get it to work with a GPS using the driver mentioned in the comments of this blog.

Making Windows 7 Location "Aware" with u-blox Products
Marvin Hlavac
That's nice! And many people already own the USB GPS sticks mentioned in the article, and shown on the pictures, as they are sold with Microsoft AutoRoute in Europe and Microsoft Streets and Trips in North America. About