How to split GPS trail in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
I'm running Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS. I have created several GPS trails which works great. Is there a way to split a trail in half? I trace routes off the the roadways but if the tracking is left on between locations I end up with a very long trail connecting to locations. I need the trails from the time it leaves the pavement but not the trail along the paved roads. But I can not find a way to break the two sections on half since it was traced as one trail.
You can split routes in S&T 2010 and 2011 if you export the file as GPX file and open it in Excel. When you have the file open in Excel you can do quite a bit in terms of editing that data points and, when finished, re-importing the XLS/XLSX file into a new S&T using the Data Import Wizard.
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