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Has anyone tried mounting their netbook on one of these Manfrotto Magic Arm Vehicle Mounting Kits?

Manfrotto Magic Arm Vehicle Kit
For safety, the arm should not be used while the vehicle is in motion.
Not sure I get that. That's 99% of the time I would use it with Streets & Trips running. I understand about not typing and surfing the web and watching DVD's, etc., while driving, but I wonder if the arm is stout enough to stand up to daily driving stresses. It 'looks' strong, but one seat bolt mount may be something to keep an eye on. Just my first thoughts.
Ken in Regina
Manfrotto is being smart when they are right up front with that warning.

The big issue is not when the vehicle is in motion. The big problem occurs when a vehicle in motion encounters another object and very quickly ceases to be in motion or the direction of motion changes in an instant.

When you have an accident, the forces on things inside a vehicle can be immense. You should be concerned and check any mounting system to see if it is robust enough to hold something as heavy and potentially lethal as a netbook or laptop firmly in place in a crash.

Any system with those ball joints will not likely be able to hold even a light netbook or tablet solidly in a collision. No matter how much you tighten those joints they are likely to slip if the forces on them are large. So, even if the computer stays in the tray holder, it still could go whipping around on the arm and hit someone. Or the arm could come completely apart, allowing the computer to become a missile.

Good for Manfrotto for not hiding the warning in the fine print.

Thanks to JW for posting the Manfrotto Arm Vehicle Kit

I'm the owner of Aileron Designs and thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself, since we're the ones selling the kit. GPS use on netbooks is one of the main reasons we decided to market our Minimount product line. The Manfrotto Magic Arm is just one of the ways we offer to mount a netbook into vehicles using the Minimount case. The Minimount system is compatible with RAM mounts as well.

The Manfrotto idea is to be able to quickly mount a netbook and use it in vehicles with the flexibility to position the thing exactly where you want it to be. The arm itself comes in and out quickly, as well so you don't need to have a bunch of excess hardware hanging around when you don't want it to be there.

In most vehicle applications the seat rail bracket and Magic Arm are very sturdy. This actually depends much more on the chassis and seat attachment than it does the mount hardware. Ken's comments on safety are spot on. The caution is really not about the arm not being strong enough to support the computer, it's about the unpredictable nature of accidents. Of course, we don't want you typing and using computers while driving either. Safety first and everything that means, which really should be a bigger thing with all GPS users.

If you do choose to leave the netbook mounted while moving, you may potentially enhance both safety and stability by keeping the netbook down in the vehicle. Position the arm with Minimount attached so it is low in the passenger area, either resting at or just above the seat, or just beyond the console.

Feel free to post interesting questions about mounting, and I'll be happy to chime in.
Is this the same Manfrotto that makes tripods? If so, great products! I have one that I have used for over 20 years. It's been though hell - lots of sand, salt water, lakes, leaves, dirt.

BTW, your web site (www.netbookmounts.com) appears to be down - can't display page.
Yes, it is the same Manfrotto. We are a dealer for their products and adapted the Magic Arm for vehicle use. It is a fantastic product.

Site works just fine for me. Are you using a browser with flash installed? Sorry you had a problem. i'd like to know more about that. Can't afford to lose customers. That's for sure.
I was at work...so who knows! Page wouldn't load at all. IE7 at work does have Flash installed though. At home now and it's working fine!

I'm looking for a system that can easily be used in 2 vehicles - a Pontiac Bonneville and a Dodge Nitro. The Nitro is a lease and my husband doesn't allow so much as a piece of Velcro in his car. I'm the driver in the Nitro and the "navigator" in the Bonneville. My netbook usually sits on my lap or propped up in the open glove compartment when I'm navigating in the Pontiac.
Actually, after thinking about it, a system for the Nitro is all that I need as I can't "fiddle" when I'm driving. When I'm navigating in the Bonneviile, I don't care if it is in my lap as I am constantly messing around with the applications anyway, often flipping back and forth between S&T and Nat'l Geo's TOPO, etc.
The Nitro is a lease that will be turned in next year.
Originally Posted by GadgetGirl
Actually, after thinking about it, a system for the Nitro is all that I need as I can't "fiddle" when I'm driving.
It's really easy to use the Manfrotto Kit in more than one vehicle. If you end up buying one, just ask us for two two base sockets, and we'll be happy to take care of that. You just install a bracket in each car, and it stays there under the seat til you need the arm.

Thank you, Rick. If it truely can be moved from one vehicle to another in a matter of seconds (and it looks like it can as it looks similar to Manfrotto's tripod clamps) this might make the perfect system for me!
So, I would pay for one Magic Arm Vehicle Kit and 1 additional mounting shoe? What is the cost of the additional mounting shoe?

(Your site works fine now on my work PC!)
And this would work with my Acer AspireOne D250 with 6-cell battery? 10 1/4" x 8 1/4 " base (with battery)
Yes, it moves very easily in and out - seconds in fact.
Yes, we will have a case for the Acer D250 within two weeks (not on web site yet).
Yes, we can supply more than one vehicle shoe.

In fact, the kit actually comes with two flanges to fit different vehicle applications. Start with what comes in the kit. You will definitely need one more socket. Just let me know when the time comes, and we will provide the extra bits for FREE!!!


Thanks Rick! Your photos and instructions helped a lot. I had my husband take a look at the system and he likes it also. I definitely am interested. I will give you a call in April as that is when I will be making the purchase.
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