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Disable End, Home, Delete hot keys?

This is a really cool add-on for S&T!!
Many great features. But I have a question - is there any way to disable
the End, Delete and Home keys? I am using S&T7 (so can't go above
v2.42 of S&T Keys, right?) Looking at the site, I guess there may be a way
to disable Home hotkey in 2.52 by unchecking the Enable Home Feature?
But not for End and Delete? Any chance of getting all that, and for S&T7?

PgUp/Dn are great for zoom, no matter where the focus is.
Trouble is, on my laptop (as on many others) those keys are bracketed by
Home and End, and Del is right there too.
So, you reach to zoom in (usually at an important spot, where you really
need guidance from your GPS , your finger slips and presses Home or End,
and WAM!! - your route is GONE, S&T is stuck under "Please Wait", and you
are on a wrong highway. Happened to me a few times

So, if those disables aren't too hard to add, I would really, really
appreciate it!

- PolarBear
Marvin Hlavac
PolarBear, welcome to the forum! Thanks for the feedback on S&T Keys. Let me look into it. Give me a couple of days. In the mean time, if you press a wrong button which deletes your route, to correct it, first exit full screen mode, and then either use the "Undo" button on the Microsoft Streets and Trips menu bar, or use the Ctrl-Z Windows hotkey. This will not address the immediate problem of not knowing where to turn at the very moment of pressing the wrong button, though !

I offered to Marvin to customizes a version for your needs. Try this one out. It's for 2007 with my personnel mods and I included a copy of the POI scanner in case you'd like to try it out.

You will still be able to use the three disabled hotkeys functions by going in the F4 menu and clicking on the buttons.
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