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Error installing S&T keys 2.54
When I installed S&T keys 2.54 I got an error : AutoLt Error Line -1:
Error: Subscript used with non-array variable.

I'm using Microsoft Street and Trips 2008 with GPS and Windows XP.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Dave,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World forums and thanks for the feedback. Please try the following:

* Save (don't "Run", just "Save") the keys.exe file again from the following link: S&T keys

* After you download the file, go to the location you saved it in, and then click on it to run it.
Thanks for the fast respond. Now it is working, I reinstalled everything and is working.

Marvin Hlavac
I think in many cases people easily overlook the little note I made on the S&T Keys page, not to click the "Run" button when downloading, but instead click the "Save" button. That causes problems, and I should take the time one day to do something about it.
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