Garmin Mobile PC 5.00.70 randomly crashing while driving
I installed the software update, Garmin Mobile PC 5.00.70, on Monday before I left for the week. So far, it's been stable for when I edit my route, BUT:

Now Garmin is randomly crashing while driving. The Garmin screen simply disappears. No warnings, no popups, no nothing - just no Garmin. the que.exe is still running in the task manager, but it doesn't work. I have to kill the process manually so that I can restart Garmrin.

I'm estimating that since Monday morning, and driving 1,000 miles or so, until this morning (Thursday), that Garmin has crashed at least 15 times. Because I normally run Garmin under Centrafuse, I thought I should try to limit the reasons for the crashes and ran Garmin solo yesterday and it crashed a few times.
Marvin Hlavac
The same here, malaki86. In two days, Garmin Mobile PC 5.00.70 has crashed on me three times at least. And I didn't travel as much as you have. I'm guessing Garmin will release a new updated/fixed software soon.
Just an update - 3 hours of driving (130 miles) and had 3 crashes already today. Looks like I'll go through the hassle of reinstalling the original and updating to the previous update.
No crashes yet, here. (Windows 7 64bit / GPS 10x)

When programs start crashing after an update, I generally do a full wipe of the program and reinstall the software. You may want to reinstall the program from scratch to see if the error goes away.

To do a full wipe:
1. Uninstall all Garmin programs from Add/Remove programs
2. Start --> Run --> %appdata% --> Delete the Garmin folder
3. Delete the c:\garmin folder
4. Delete the c:\program files\garmin folder
5. Start --> Run --> regedit --> Delete the following keys:
5a: HKCU --> Software --> Delete the Garmin folder
5b: HKLM --> Software --> Delete the Garmin folder
6: Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Cleanup --> Clean everything
7. Reboot

Finally, reinstall Garmin Mobile PC, run the latest update, and launch the program.

I've done this numerous times for video games. >.>
Ken in Regina
Hi Wells,

Thanks for the tips but it's worth noting that if anyone has any other Garmin stuff installed in addition to Mobile PC they will put themselves in a world of hurt if they follow those instructions.

If someone has Mapsource and/or Basecamp and one or more of Garmin's map products installed, your instructions will wipe out all of that, so they will all have to be reinstalled, too. That's a bunch of work and takes a long time.

Best to just use the Control Panel to uninstall Mobile PC and then run a good registry cleaner so that all stuff related to only Mobile PC is cleaned out. I use the registry cleaner in Advanced SystemCare (freeware version) for that sort of thing. There are others.

As a general rule, manual editing of the registry isn't really wise unless you know how to make backups of the registry files (not easily done), are very familiar with the registry and generally pretty technically competent. And have pretty good nerves.

I think this thread is going in a totally unneeded direction. Removing and reinstalling Mobile PC is unlikely to solve the problems malaki is experiencing. I have seen similar problems in the past on my gutless UMPC so would be more concerned about horsepower. Do you have other programs running in the background that might occasionally take large doses of CPU cycles?

I have a few background programs running, such as my backup program, printer monitor (hp), etc. There's nothing running that pulls a lot of CPU time.
Marvin Hlavac
The latest crashes may be more related to the newly released version 5.00.70 than with anything else. I didn't experience crashes before, but after updating to 5.00.70 my Garmin Mobile PC crashes two or three times a day.

But other than Malaki86 and me, I haven't yet heard anyone else reporting crashes after installing 5.00.70, so I may be wrong.
I have had many crashes of Garmin Mobile PC also since updating to the latest. Last night I reverted back to the previous version and all is well!
If the program is crashing, not hanging, perhaps its error(s) would show up in the Event Viewer.
  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Right click on Computer
  3. Click Manage
  4. In the box on the left, expand the Event Viewer folder
  5. Click the Application item
  6. Make a list of any errors occuring around the time of Garmin Mobile PCs crash

Maybe we can figure it out.
It doesn't crash all the way. The Garmin "window" completely disappears, including the tab on the windows toolbar. But, when you go to the task manager, it shows that it's still running.
Ken in Regina
Has anyone checked the event viewer as Wells suggests, just out of curiosity?

Marvin Hlavac
I haven't. Garmin Mobile PC 5.00.70 haven't crashed on me today yet, but the next time it does, and if I remember to do so, I will try to check.
Ken in Regina
Marvin, you don't need to check it right away. Just take note of the approximate time. All the entries in the event log are time/date stamped. If you know the time you're looking for, you can see what events got logged around that time, if any. My event log goes back for weeks.

Just to chime in, the new version crashed on me on a trip today. The screen disappeared, but it would not restart. I'm guessing that some part of it was still in memory.

Hey Garmin - time to fix the program ....

Brad in Gold Canyon, AZ for the moment
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