Custom POIs are really messed up in Garmin Mobile PC 5.00.70
Ken in Regina
Here's a trouble report I sent to Garmin yesterday about custom POIs in version 5.00.70. They requested the GPI files and I sent them. Tech Support has duplicated the problems, assigned them a ticket number and forwarded them to the developers for action.

Does anyone else use custom POIs?


Trouble Report:

First, I know these custom POI files are good because they work perfectly on my Nuvi 765T. I copied the .GPI files from the Nuvi to the ..\GarminMobilePC\POI folder on the PC and the produce the behsviour described below. I will be happy to send them if someone wants.


Start by clicking -- Where To? > Extras

1. Problem #1: (This problem continues from earlier versions. I don't remember which version I reported it on.)

Each POI file/category is listed twice.

It is necessary to exit Mobile PC, move the files out of the ..\POI folder, run Mobile PC, exit Mobile PC, replace the GPI files in the ..\POI folder and now Mobile PC will only list them once.


2. Problem #2: (This problem is new with 5.00.70. I tested the same files in 5.00.60 and they do not behave this way)

Select a custom POI category.

Click on the first POI in the list to display the map. The POI name is highlighted in yellow. The POI name on the map matches the highlighted POI name.

Click on the next POI in the list. POI name highlights in yellow and POI name on the map matches the highlighted POI name.

Click the down-arrow at the right of the screen to move the list one page down, or more.

(**This is where the trouble starts.**)

Click any POI in the list.

--The POI name that is displayed on the map is not the POI name that was selected. It is always the one below the one selected.

This is consistent and will always do it after you page down at least once. Even paging back to the top of the list won't correct it it.

--Sometimes the selected POI will highlight yellow only as long as you hold the mouse button down but the highlighting disappears as soon as you release the mouse button. Sometimes the highlighting stays as it should.

The best way to reproduce this highlighting issue the first time is to be sure to have at least two GPI files, switch between them and in either or both of them select a few different POIs from the list, skipping randomly up and down the list.
I can confirm both of those issues, but I completely forgot mentioning them.
I have the same problems with my netpc running windows 7 and Garmin Mobile Pc version 5.00.70.

I have tried for hours monkeying with the files and always get the same results. Hope your letter will get results.

I do not have the problem running the same program on my desktop running Vista and Mobile PC version 5.00.70.
You should see what happens if you use a mouse with a scroll wheel. It is impossible to guess which poi will be displayed compared to the one that is highlighted. (5.00.70 on XP)

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