A Garmin Mobile PC 'Favorites' feature request
Ken in Regina
I have submitted the following feature request for a future version of Mobile PC. It has been forwarded to the developers. I have no idea if anything will come of it. For a bit of background, in addition to Mobile PC I also have a Nuvi 765T and an eTrex Legend HCx. So it is convenient for me to maintain my waypoints (aka "Favorites") in Mapsource.

This also presents some problems because Mapsource doesn't display all of that information or let you edit it, either. So I also have a feature request in to the Mapsource developers for similar abilities. In the meantime I'm actually maintaining the whole thing in an Excel spreadsheet that I can convert from CSV to GPX to load into Mapsource.

Anyone else think this would be useful?


I would like Mobile PC to treat StreetAddress, City, State, PhoneNumbers and Categories like my Nuvi 765T.

1. Accept StreetAddress, City, State, PhoneNumbers and Categories when transfered from Mapsource.

2. Accept multiple categories per waypoint.

3. Automatically add categories that appear on a transfered waypoint but not in Mobile PC.

4. Add the ability to filter by Category on the "Where To?" screen. If there are Favorites with categories assigned, make the top search field work like the <Add Filter> field on the "Manage My Data > Favorites" screen.

5. Add the ability to display StreetAddress, City, State and PhoneNumber on the "More" screen.

If there is a way to do any of the above right now I would be happy to learn about it.

Here's the background, in case the above is not sufficient information....

I have about 200 waypoints that I want to use in Mobile PC. They come from my iQue 3600A. They all have categories and symbols associated with them. The majority of them also have StreetAddress, City, State and one or two PhoneNumbers.

With the help of some external freeware conversion programs and some manual editing I've managed to get them into Mapsource, where I can see the symbol and categories. This allows me to maintain them in one place and transfer them to my Nuvi 765T, eTrex Legend HCx and Mobile PC.

Mapsource won't show the StreetAddress, City, State or PhoneNumbers. But they are there because I can transfer the waypoints from Mapsource into Favorites on my Nuvi 765T and the StreetAddress, City, State and one PhoneNumber show up, as well as the Symbol and Categories.

In the Nuvi, if I tap "Where To?" and select Favorites I can select "All Categories", "No Category" (which will display only favorites with no category assigned), or a single category. Whichever selection I make, it will list the resulting selections in order from their proximity to me or I can select to spell out a name of one of the favorites in the selected category.

When I get to the single Favorite I want, "More" will show me all the data about that waypoint, including the StreetAddress, City, State and PhoneNumber.

The waypoints were added to Mapsource from a GPX file. Here's an example of one waypoint:

<wpt lat="50.4823270" lon="-104.6184040">
..<name>Loney's Golf Shop</name>
..<sym>Golf Course</sym>
....<gpxx:WaypointExtension xmlns:gpxx="http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/v3">
........<gpxx:StreetAddress>368 Albert St. N</gpxx:StreetAddress>

As you can see, it uses the Garmin waypoint extensions. Mapsource seems happy with them. Although it does not display all the information in the Waypoint Properties screen, it does pass the data through correctly to my Nuvi 765T and the Nuvi accepts it properly.

Mobile PC does none of that. The only thing that it appears to accept from Mapsource is the Symbol <sym>.

It has no idea about StreetAddress, City, State and PhoneNumber.

Mobile PC refuses to accept categories on waypoints transferred from Mapsource. The only way to get a category assigned to a Favorite is to do it manually in Mobile PC. This is really annoying because I have already got all the categories assigned in Mapsource. Mobile PC should be able to accept them like the Nuvi. Also, like the Nuvi, Mobile PC should accept the transfer of multiple categories with a single waypoint as in the above example (it does if I add categories to a waypoint manually in Mobile PC).

Another deficiency with categories in Mobile PC is that I can't use them from "Where To?".

If I go to "Tools > Manage My Data > Favorites" I can select categories by clicking on the "<Add Filter>" field and then clicking the "By Category" button. But there is no way to filter by Category from the "Where To?" screen.

As I mentioned above, Mobile PC seems to have no concept at all of StreetAddress, City, State and PhoneNumber. As you can see above, I have waypoints that include all of that information and it will be displayed in the Nuvi 765T after transfer from Mapsource to the Nuvi. But none of it displays in Mobile PC after a transfer from Mapsource.

When I go to "Where To?" and select a Favorite that has StreetAddress, City, State and PhoneNumber associated with it in Mapsource, per the above GPX <wpt> example, nothing shows up if I click on the "More" button.

There are three exceptions. I have three waypoints that will display the address information and phone number when I click the "More" button. When I checked the GPX file and Mapsource to see what was different about them I discovered that in those three waypoints I had somehow managed to get that information into the Comment <cmt> field as well as in the relevant WaypointExtension fields. So it appears that the Comment field will transfer to Mobile PC and display on the "More" screen.

So a common theme seems to appear. It looks like Mobile PC will accept data fields that originate from standard GPX arguments like <sym> and <cmt> but it refuses to accept anything that originates from data fields that were in WaypointExtension fields.

That's not a particularly useful way to do it in 2010. Perhaps it was okay back in the olden days of GPS III's that didn't have many smarts. But Mobile PC has been designed to look like and work like Nuvis and Zumos. So it should be capable of similar features, especially when you consider the power of the computer platform it runs on compared to the puny processing capability of even the hottest Nuvi. With all the power and the big display of a laptop PC to work with, it should be at least the equal of a top of the line Nuvi for features and functions.

Sorry about the book. As you can guess, it has been bothering me for awhile. It's most discouraging that in trying to convert from my iQue 3600, which is a rather ancient beast, I'm giving up features and functions no matter what I try. A good Nuvi like the 765T is okay, but has many deficiencies compared to the iQue's navigation features. And Mobile PC has even less functionality than a good Nuvi. It's getting really frustrating.
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