DriverTech Integrates ALK CoPilot Truck 11
Marvin Hlavac
DriverTech Integrates ALK's CoPilot Truck 11
CoPilot Truck Delivers Spoken PC*MILER Directions Without Messaging Costs

February 29, 2008 – Princeton, New Jersey - ALK Technologies, the leading worldwide developer of GPS navigation, routing, mileage and mapping software, today announced that DriverTech LLC has integrated ALK's CoPilot Truck navigation into its tri-mode mobile communications and onboard computing system.

CoPilot Truck provides drivers with spoken and displayed, turn-by-turn, truck-specific directions. The DriverTech TruckPC onboard computer offers full-color, PC-quality display and functionality in the truck cab and lowest-cost mobile communications versatility. This CoPilot Truck integration is entirely onboard and requires no costly mobile messaging fees.
Demonstrations of CoPilot Truck are available at ALK's booth 410 and DriverTech's booth 810, during the Truckload Carrier Association convention on Paradise Island, Bahamas, March 1-4.

“We're very pleased to offer the many benefits of CoPilot Truck to our fleet customers,” said Mark Haslam, CEO of DriverTech. “CoPilot truck makes the most efficient use of those capabilities that make the DriverTech Truck-PC the industry leader – quality sound, a full-color display, and the computing power to meet virtually any trucking challenge.”

With CoPilot Truck onboard, fleets see a significant reduction in out-of-route, empty, and deadhead mileage. Most importantly, CoPilot Truck keeps drivers safe on truck legal roads, reducing accidents while avoiding costly fines and vehicle damage. CoPilot Truck is a comprehensive solution that gets drivers where they need to go while avoiding restricted roads, tunnels and bridges. CoPilot Truck provides confidence for new drivers and peace of mind for veteran drivers who are not always aware of exactly where they are and how far it is to their next turn and destination. The ability of CoPilot Truck to automatically recalculate routes based on dynamic factors such as traffic, construction or accidents is a key benefit for drivers and carriers.

CoPilot Truck provides truck-specific, spoken, dock-to-dock directions throughout the United States and Canada . With the DriverTech integration, the CoPilot Truck software and database resides completely on the DriverTech device. While other systems transmit locations and driving directions over communications channels, there is no data transmission cost associated with a driver's use of CoPilot Truck with DriverTech. Unlike other systems, wireless connectivity is not required, improving realiability and performance.

CoPilot Truck and DriverTech have closely worked together for over two years. CoPilot Truck is deployed on more than 5,000 vehicles' DriverTech Truck PC units, operating throughout North America . “CoPilot Truck and DriverTech are a great fit, bringing the benefits of smart technology into the truck cab to benefit the drivers,” said Paul White, integration partner manager for ALK. “Fleets are pleased with the seamless dispatch software integration, including the ability to send fuel optimized loads directly to the onboard computer.”

CoPilot Truck was the first GPS navigation system specifically designed for company drivers, owner operators and leased operators and is based on ALK's industry-standard PC*MILER routing and mileage software. PC*MILER routing options range from Practical, Shortest, 53'/102” Trailer, National Network and Toll Avoidance with 13'6” height, 48' length, 80,000 pound weight and 96” width restrictions. Additionally, CoPilot Truck is the only truck-specific navigation system to offer ten categories of HazMat routing.

About DriverTechDriverTech offers a mobile communication system with a full range of services and state of the art applications for the transportation industry. The DriverTech system provides intelligent links to key information that improves driver quality of life and trucking efficiency metrics. The DriverTech system is a true 'Tri-Mode' system (Satellite-using Orbcomm, (ORBC), Cellular and Wi-Fi) that automatically routes data via the lowest cost communication option. DriverTech is committed to enabling customers to improve their operational efficiency through mobile applications, while leveraging the lower cost, wireless networks that are available and continually expanding.

About ALK Technologies, Inc.
ALK Technologies, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey, was founded in 1979 by Princeton University professor, Dr. Alain Kornhauser, who continues to provide strategic leadership. ALK recognized the power of information technology early and has consistently developed inventive, practical transportation applications that provide customers a competitive edge, increased efficiency and bottom line benefits. ALK helps companies and individuals understand and harness the relentlessly evolving technologies reshaping the competitive transportation landscape.
More than 22,000 companies use ALK's PC*MILER Solutions including ninety-three percent of the “Top 100” North American motor carriers as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). ALK provides consulting, customized information systems and packaged software solutions.

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