I'm looking for PC GPS software that can track aerial maps
Definitely won't work with a shortcut!
We just got back from a trip to Kalispell and GooPs & GE tracked perfectly. (I put the original file in a folder on my desktop and ran it from there.) I think I like GooPs better than just using GE alone with GPSgate; as this method will will only zoom to one level (about 3800 ft) when tracking. GooPs lets you zoom in and out and it will stay at whatever "altitude" you want.

Here's our last "serious" stuck. On top of a mountain in Montana on an ill-fated Christmas tree expedition. This is a very old 1985 Suburban that had no business on that mountain - my fault - I just knew the "perfect" tree was down this road off the beaten path!
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HAH...that's funny! Yep sometime you think you're doing good and you ain't HAHAHA

Well I can't get Goops to work at all even with an internet connection. I think I'm going to uninstall it from my netboook and directly download it to the netbook... I didn't do that originally. Also I'm not 100% sure it's working with my GPS 360 although it says signal acquired but how can I be sure. I wish I had some good instructions for both the porhram and the Microsoft GPS 360(got it free but no instructions and was able to download the driver)
The GPS-360 is a Pharos product Microsoft used with S&T before the Pharos GPS-500 came out. I can't track down an instruction manual but there is nothing you need to do anyway. Once the correct driver is loaded for your operating system, GPS data will appear on the appropriate COM port every time you connect the GPS to an USB port. I had heard some time ago on this forum that there might be an internal battery in that device that could fail though.

I am not familiar with the Goops diplay. Perhaps you should try Earthbridge as I know it clearly shows the incoming GPS signal strength and satellites.
Earth Bridge - Bridge the gap between Google Earth and your GPS receiver.

Is your GPS receiver working with other GPS software?

Seems like if GooPs is showing "Signal Acquired", you should be seeing a "GooPsServers" line in your "Places" in Google Earth sidebar. Make sure it is checked!
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I think I'm going to uninstall it from my netbook and directly download it to the netbook
I don't think it even installs to the OS, but it can't hurt to re-download.

Attached is a very useful little utility called GPSInfo to test your receiver. Also attached is a screenshot of the app. (It also doesn't actually install and is virus & malware free. It came from GlobalSat's Web site.) Turn your receiver on. Set the baud rate in GPSInfo to 4800 and tell it to scan for your GPS. When it finds it, tell it to "Start GPS". It will report a lot of useful info from your GPS receiver like the NMEA data streams and satellite constellation. The gurus on this forum can interpret the info for you. It saved the day for me when I was having problems with my used Bluetooth receiver and Garmin Mobile PC.
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Thanks for hanging in with me on this. I downloaded Earthbridge and my GPS runs just fine with it. In fact the data looks exactly like the dtata in the little utility you sent. I will check to see if Goops shows up in My places on Google Earth.
OK Goops shows up in myplaces just fine and yesterday we went out into the mountains for about 4 hours and and drove some trails and VOILA it tracked perfectly on my netbook with no interent connection. So today I started exploring around GE and found out about paths and that my GPS should actually follow a path I put in. That would be perfect and a better solution than the push pins but is there any way to scroll the map while laying down a path or can I connect two or more paths or do I have to make a bunch of individual paths along the route or?????? Also can I edit a path?? I would like to travel about 100 miles along ridge tops and valleys and the trails are clearly shown on GE but not at an elevation where I can see the entire route.
Ken in Regina
Hey Gary, LMGTFY (let me google that for you).

....."google earth paths"..........

Drawing - Google Earth Help

That should get you started.

Thanks Ken but this dummy figured out how to move the map around using the arrow keys...DUHHHHH! read most of the help page but then skimming doesn't get it does it?
Gary, glad you got GE working. The path thing sounds interesting.

Ken, I looked at the help page you googled - when would you use that 3D polygon tool. A place marker?

LMGTFY - I love that!
I plotted the path from Fernley, NV to Gerlach, NV (where Burning Man takes place) right down the main powerline road over the mountains and what's really cool about paths is that I now have a nice red line showing me EXACTLY where the trail is even when the cached view gets fuzzy because there are a number of side trails that one could get off on that may prove too rugged or??? Took me quite awhile to put in the points but I wanted it very accurate. It may be worth the time. I also plan on plotting different paths in different colors so we can take short side trips to abandoned mines or towns along the way.

Watch it all turn to crap.....HAHAHAHAHAHA
Do keep us informed!!! When are you going on your expedition?

This could be really cool where I live, too. We live on the Flathead Indian Reservation right near the Tribal Wilderness in the Montana Mission Mountains. There so many dirt roads over the whole range just begging to be explored. I have been hesitating for the same reasons as you. It is so confusing! You could be wandering around in the mountains for days! (Plus, my husband isn't as adventurous as I am! After all, it was MY fault we got stuck in the snow, as I am constantly reminded!).
The more I think about how this thing works the more impressed I am. I just tried it without Internet and it is totally awesome! That pretty red line is as bright and clear as can be. There just won't be any getting lost following that.... of course it also helps that there are power lines close by.

Yep you don't want to be wandering around in mountains without some direction unless of course you're a pioneer but by the sound of it your hubby sure isn't.

I'm looking at April 12...that's a Monday...cuz out on the playa(Black Rock Desert) where Burning Man takes place about 9 miles east of Gerlach there is going to be a rocket launch by a bunch of high school kids that are designing and building a 25 foot tall rocket that can reach the stratosphere. It is sponsored by Sony and they have to do all the design work on Sony VAIO computers. There is quite a bit of interest in this event and I just informed Reno 4X4 that I would like to have a group us 4 wheelers go to Gerlach via the powerline road. I'm thinking we leave on Sunday late morning and spend the night out on the mountain top..probaly with some beer and a nice little propane grill... and arrive in Gerlach mid Monday morning and shoot out to the launch site. Since I just installed an auxiliary deep cycle battery in the Jeep I can take all the conveniences of home. I'll return by the highway probably. Of course the one thing that is a MUST when traveling in the desert is a gun. One never goes into the desert unarmed. In addition to a GPS I travel with a Glock 21.

I'll keep you informed on my progress but so far it has been a lot of fun.

My traveling companions.... notice the red path
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Your travel plans sound very interesting - wilderness travel mixed in with a lot of modern technology - this sounds like my kind of trip!

My husband is of the same mindset as you regarding weapons. We bought a gun just to take to Glacier National Park! (Illegal in Nat'l Parks, but Mike said he wasn't going to grizzly bear territory without one. I just carry my pepper spray.) We camp at Bowman Lake which is WAY off the tourists' radar.

I am looking forward to hearing about your trip and how Google Earth works out. You'll be my guinea pig!!

Take care and be safe!
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by GadgetGirl
LMGTFY - I love that!
Then you'll really love this page:

Let me google that for you

Bookmark it and share it with your friends who find it easier to type a long question to you than a short search term in their favorite search engine.

Most of my family are pretty sharp and get the message after I refer them to it three or four times.

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