Looking for inexpensive mapping software with annotation tools
I am looking for software that will do the following. My first thought was to use Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010.

I need to make a map of a 26 mile area. I need to draw on the map to identify addresses. I need to identify specific latitude and longitude locations and mark those locations as well. I would like to add comments to all marked locations. I would like to have the ability to zoom in to these locations as well and draw line connecting them all. Any low cost suggestions?
Ken in Regina
Download the free trial of Streets&Trips 2010 from Microsoft's web site and give it a whirl. It will do all of those things. The only question for you will be whether it does them in exactly the way you want them done, or at least in a way you can live with. So the best is to give it a test drive.

Hint: create pushpins for the addresses and other arbitrary points you want to show up on the map. Then you can include all sorts of stuff in the information balloons for each pushpin. For the connecting line, you can use the route calculation function. It will calculate a route connecting all the selected pushpins and draw a corresponding line on the map.

If any of the above are not exactly what you want, Streets&Trips also has a full set of drawing tools so you can scribble on the map all you want in order to get the desired information on it.

Hint: if the drawing tools toolbar doesn't show up, just right-click on one of the toolbars and click on Drawing Tools to turn it on.

Check out , it is pretty flexible. It costs $199, but I think they have a 50% discount if you are a volunteer with some agency like the Red Cross. About