Why doesn't Streets and Trips 2010 show accurate distance to destination?
Does anybody know why Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 will not keep an accurate distance to the end of your trip and quit changing as you go along?
Hi newscent,

S&T displays the remaining distance to your destination so that is likely why you are seeing it change as you go along.

If you want the distance of the total trip check the trip summary detail at the bottom of the directions pane.
I understand what you saying. In the lower right hand corner when it shows distance to next stop and distance to the end, the distance to the end sometimes agrees with distance to next stop even tho that is not the end of your trip.
I believe it has been discussed previously in the Forum that distance to end is "as the crow flies" rather than the sum of the remaining calcuated route segments (which you might reasonably expect) or, in other words, a calculation of the difference between the lat/long co-ordinates of where you are and the end point.
Ken in Regina
I think we've also discussed that when you have a route running that's inexcusable. There is no reason not to show the actual driving distance for the remaining segments, as all the competing products do. That's a bug, not a feature.

Marvin Hlavac
Here's the discussion of the issue: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2515-streets-trips-2010-mileages-dont-match-directions-navigation-panes

The disctance to destination seems to be "as the crow flies" (it may or may not be the case). But it does appear inaccurate in many situations.

This is a new feature for version 2010. It is possible the feature was not designed to work the way it does, and let's hope it will be corrected for Streets & Trips 2011.
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