Problem opening an old file in a new Streets & Trips version - and a solution
Marvin Hlavac
If you are experiencing difficulties with a file saved in an older version of Streets & Trips when you are trying to open it in a new version of the program, you may try the following simple steps to create a new file with all of your objects from the old file.

1. Make sure you have both, the old version of Streets & Trips and the new version of Streets & Trips, installed on your computer.

2. Open the old file in the old version of Streets & Trips

3. Open new Streets & Trips

4. You may now copy & paste (or cut & paste) all the saved items from the old to the new as shown on the screenshots bellow.


The above screenshots illustrate how we can move pushpins from our old map to a new map. The same (cut & paste) procedure we can use to transfer drawings, GPS trails, avoid areas, and text boxes:

It was happening with my 2006 saved maps when using 2007. If I clicked on the saved map file (.est), it would launch 2007 and fail to open the file however if I first launched 2007 and used the file -> open menu the map file would open correctly. This method is 100% reliable so you don't have to worry about loosing your older saved maps and MS seems to have corrected the problem in 2008. Unfortunately there's no telling if your 2006 maps will open with S&T 2009 or beyond so if you need to keep them you may have to convert them all every couple of years to make sure they don't become inaccessible.
Marvin Hlavac
It's very nice to see you here, HangedMan, and welcome to the forums. Thanks for the tip!
When I tried to open a 2008 map it opened the "Purchase a key" or use the "60 day Trial" box. I was able to get around this by right clicking the file and choosing to "Open with" and it gave me the choice of using 2008 or 2009.
Mike Flannigan
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