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Enter destination address without entering a 'City' in Odyssey Navigator
I just found a way of searching all (well almost all) street names for Oz version (i.e. if you don't have suburb/city name or spelling is dodgy or it is just over the border in next suburb etc). In this case intuitively if you enter nothing at the city search it logically would search in "all streets" however Odyssey Navigator will just give you a list of suburbs to choose from which is not terribly useful. BUT if you enter a postcode of say 4000 (i.e. state of QLD in Oz) it will give you a list of ALL streets in the state of QLD to search through.

However to developers it may be useful to consider a "search all" option to start with a street name search which then generates a list of streets & suburbs associated with an "as the crow flies" distance for the user to pick from.
Hi icedvolvo,
Searching by street was a feature in the earlier versions but was later removed. It was fine while searching in Oz, but when looking for "12th Ave" in the USA map took a long time and left you with too many results to sort through, and so that feature was removed.

The method you have mentioned is the best method for a street search, and should be fast enough and get the required results.


Marvin Hlavac
Mal, the programs that do allow users to skip the 'City' do not search the whole of USA. Instead, they perform the search in a single US state, or a single Canadian province, or a single European country.
Hi Mal

Thanks for being here, perhaps you would consider putting it back (see thread about wish list), Perhaps you could limit the search to state/province or use some for of "*" or "near" based matching to limit.

The problem is that is that [very] often you don't know the EXACT suburb which makes it not just difficult but actually impossible to find your destination.

Anyway problem is solved for me but you might drop over to the other thread [wish list] and see if you can help the guy from Canada out.

Ken in Regina
Hey iced,

This issue was raised months ago. It makes it pretty much useless in Canada for getting routes to addresses in anything other than medium and small cities and towns.

Other products, like Garmin Mobile PC, let you select a "region". That is typically a province in Canada or a state in the USA. Then you can skip the City selection if you choose. The region defaults to the region of your current location but you can change it if you want to route to an address in another region.

I appreciate Mal's concern about search speed. He wouldn't have modified the search feature if he wasn't getting beat up by customers about the speed. But not replacing it with some alternative to allow for useful searching wasn't an especially helpful change.

I'm glad you found an alternative that works for you.

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