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Re-sizable navigation pane, time zone awareness, GPS unit with FM transmitter
- I wish I could resize the navigation pane. It takes up way to much real estate and the font for the instructions is to big, especially when using Streets & Trips on a note book, which I do.

- Show time zones on the map, and calculate arrival time accordingly.

- Build a new GPS receiver that also will also transmit to my stereo via FM, as my cell phone and Garmin GPS, satellite radio will do, so that I can play sound files on my laptop as I reach certain coordinates. In the tour bus industry this would be a super cool, awesome, fantastic tool.
Marvin Hlavac
A part of the Time Zone issue has been addressed now by the new Time Zones template for Microsoft Streets and Trips.
Jim Winterer
I'm with Dan the Driver, especially one one point.

When a route crosses multiple time zones, I would like the time of arrivals to be shown in local time, not corresponding to the time zone where the route starts.

If you are driving a route from New York to California, the time of arrival in California is off by three hours. If you are involved in something that requires pin-point timing, you have to make mental adjustments.

This would be a wonderful addition to a great mapping program.

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