How do I disable re-routing in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
Is there a way to stop re-routing when a point is placed close to an existing portion of a route? I am sure there is a way, but I can't seem to find it.

Do you mean Streets & Trips is re-routing to a "missed" waypoint? If this is the case, the simplest thing, when planning your route, is to zoom in very close when placing your pushpins. It is very easy to accidentally put them in the wrong lane of an interstate highway or off "route" if zoomed out too far.

Another example of misplaced waypoints is, let's say I am going to Yellowstone Nat'l Park and I want to go via West Yellowstone, MT. If I tell the Route Planner to add West Yellowstone as a via, it will place a marker right smack dab in the middle of West Yellowstone. Not exactly what I want as it will be off-route if I'm just driving through to the West Entrance of the park!

This can also happen when you leave your route for some reason (like spending the night) and return at a different point and you've by-passed a waypoint.

If you use the Hotkeys for S&T, you can pres DEL and S&T will delete the last waypoints that are behind you. Download this cool little free add-on at http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/free-add-ons

I hope this is what you meant!
Thanks for your reply GadgetGirl. The term rerouting may not be correct. The problem I seem to be having is this. I create a route starting at the starting point. I then create other stopping points along the way. When the route comes close to another portion of the route. It wants to renumber the way points. It won't let me come close or cross over a portion of the route without this happening.

There has to be a way to stop this from happening. I just can't figure it out.

It shouldn't do that unless you choose the 'Optimize stops' button. That option attempts to give you the most efficient route including all stops and renumbers them in the order you would reach them.

Well, the S&T routing algorithm can sometimes be fooled by adding stops to a route and it may not follow exactly what you have in mind, such as in the situations you describe Jim. When stops are close to each other, the algorithm seems to operate on some assumptions that may not align with the router's intentions.

The best thing is to go in to the "Route planner" panel after you have added stops and re-routed and move the stops up and down to suit your needs. Then, re-calculate the route and it will do the stops in your order, not S&T's. In my experience, it is always a good idea to confirm that the stops are in the order you want.
About rerouting:

You have also to take care that when you passed a stop to remove it from the route planner list before rerouting (very important if you are using auto reroute option) because an old stop can make you go back on your route without you notice it. I got this problem many times myself by mistake and it is always sad to discover you drive in the wrong direction for some km

If you are using S&T Keys free addon, this job can easily be done when navigating fullscreen by pressing the DEL hotkey: this will remove from your route one old waypoint and then recalculate a new route from the current gps location. If you are doing this each time you go through a waypoint, you won't reroute wrongly to an old one after when the route is recalculated
Bay de Noc
The title of this thread describes exactly what I think I would like to do, but none of the replies seems to address my problem. As I am traveling along my route, and I happen to divert off route (many times intentionally), Streets & Trips 2010 automatically reroutes my path, and zooms out to the satellite view. I hate that. I would like the view to remain as it was (without the reroute and satellite zoom), and let me choose how to either get back on my original route, or reroute from a new location.

I read that you can shut the automatic reroute feature off, but how? I would still like to retain the "reroute from present location"

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Bay de Noc, and welcome to the forum. To disable/enable this feature in Streets & Trips 2010, on the main menu click ToolsOptionsNavigation, and there you will see the option: Automatically re-route when off route.
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To reroute from your present position:
GPS Task Pane
Bottom of Pane
Recalculate Route from Current Location to:
Carefully select next stop in route with drop-down button. Otherwise, you may be back-tracking
Bay de Noc
Thanks Marvin and T1dunn.
I had overlooked the option to turn off the automatic reroute.
I unchecked it, took a test drive, and it worked great.
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