Import POI's to iGuidance 4
I have finally installed the copy of iGuidance 4.0 that I won way back before Christmas. (If anyone wants to know why it took so long, PM me - it is a long story and irrelevant in this thread.)

My question: Can I import additional POI's or locations into iGuidance 4.0, similarly to push pins in MS Streets & Trips? Based on the iGuidance 4 user manual and the iNav web site, there is no directly obvious way. Does anyone know of a back door or undocumented method? I can generate a list of POI's in many different formats, but I need to know what iGuidance 4.0 expects and where to put the file.

I need to know this for geocaching in particular. If I can't get additional location data points into iGuidance 4.0, it isn't much good to me.
Marvin Hlavac
Arnie, it's good to see that you have iGuidance up and running, but I'm afraid I know of no way to import POIs to the program. And before you spend too much time attempting to figur out how to do it, I assure you that many users have tried, including programmers, but found no way to achieve it. We may need to wait till the developer of iGuidance decides to add such functionality (if they ever do).

P.S. This is actually be one of the reasons why several people like to use both: iGuidance for driving, and Streets & Trips for trip planning.
Thanks, Marvin - I suspected as much. Oh well...

We will still do a review of the software "from the navigator's seat" as promised.
Marvin Hlavac
And you never know, perhaps by then you will fall in love with iGuidance (after your initial disappointment).

S&T and iG compliment each other a lot, because Microsoft Streets and Trips is very good in areas iGuidance is bad, and iGuidance excels in areas Streets and Trips is bad. It would be nice if one program could do it all, but I don't think such program exists at the moment. ALK CoPilot Laptop 10 comes the closest to the ideal, but unfortunately ALK doesn't use Navteq map data for its North American version, and many users are not happy with the map quality.
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