How does Pan & Zoom work in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010?
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Second, I'm hoping someone can clarify the pan zoom feature in Streets and Trips 2010. I've read there is no longer an icon to select either function. Unfortunately, neither works consistently for me. The pan function will only work when I am 'zoomed out' to a certain mileage. Otherwise left clicking and dragging does nothing to the map. And if I try and use my arrow keys, it 'pans' way outside the boundaries of the current view. I then become disoriented.

And the zoom function, well that jumps from relatively close to extremely far out in one scroll of the the mouse wheel. I've changed every local setting I know. No joy. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm using Windows 7, 64bit.

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With respect to the Zoom function, how many clicks of the scroll wheel from way-in to all the way out? On my Win 7 Pro (32) system it is 11 clicks, or changes, which means 12 levels. I do not know if the 32/64 thing matters; it shouldn't. How do the -/= keys work for you for keystroke zooming? = for out - for in. Again on my machine, there are 12 levels using the -/= keys.

As for panning, I personally do not have a problem even zoomed into to the lowest level, so I cannot reproduce your experiences.

If it is not a 32/64 bit issue which I cannot address, perhaps it is your mouse. Have you tried with another mouse? Another computer?
I don't understand your problem either. Streets & Trips 2010 like earlier versions can be panned by clicking and holding down on the mouse button and then drag the screen. It can be panned by moving the mouse to the four edges and/or corners and clicking on the mouse button when the cursor changes to an arrow. It can also be panned with the directional arrow keys on your keyboard.

As far as zooming it can be done like SpadesFlush mentioned with the scroll wheel on your mouse, it can also be zoomed by using the + and - keys on your keyboard. As well as clicking on the zoom feature on the title bar.
It can also be zoomed by holding the right mouse button and drawing a square around the area of interest; then left click in the square. This is different from previous versions.

Alas....a simple reinstall solved it for me......Thanks for the quick help everyone...when in doubt pull the plug out has yet to fail me!
You got there in the end and that's what matters. Have fun with the app.
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