iGuidance 4.2 (iGuidance 2011) to be Released Summer 2010
Marvin Hlavac
iGuidance 4.2, as already mentioned in another thread here, has been planned for late spring/early summer release depending on iNav's project schedule. It will be a minor release with a few new features plus new map.

It will be a welcome map update, because the current iGuidance 2009 (a.k.a. iGuidance 4.1) released back in July of 2008

Let's stay tuned as iNav Corp releases more details.
Any news on the release date?

Marvin Hlavac
Inet, existing customers should start receiving email notifications about the upcoming release of iGuidance 2011 in August. (The version 4.2 is going to be called iGuidance 2011.)
Marvin Hlavac
It seems the new iGuidance 2011 is actually build 4.3.0, not 4.2. More info will be posted to the review very likely over the weekend.
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