LT-40 UK compatible mapping software needed for laptop
I have the USA Street Altas from DeLorme using their LT-40 on my laptop. I am visiting the UK soon and would like to purchase compatible software any suggestions as DeLorme do not have such maps as yet.
Delorme offers a free program which can allow there GPS products to work with other navigation programs such as Microsoft Autoroute 2010. It does have some limitations in what o/s it will work with though.

DeLorme Serial Emulation Driver for Earthmate GPS Receivers

Thanks unfortunately I a 64 bit + Windows 7 so that will not work
Ken in Regina
You could just buy Autoroute 2010 bundled with the Microsoft GPS receiver. Even the full bundle is pretty cheap. And if you want to get started planning while you wait for the product to be shipped, you can download the free trial of Autoroute and start using it right away.

It works full-function for sixty days. If you want to keep it working you just enter the activation code (Product ID) that comes with the package when it arrives and you don't even need to reinstall it.

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