What can I do when Streets & Trips 2010 says: 'Jump the Turnpike'
I just installed Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 and am planning a route from Central PA to the Western Philadelphia area via the turnpike 76.

The directions have me taking exit 312 and keep right on ramp to Downingtown. (I know that not correct as you must proceed straight, taking Rt-100 east.) Then left on Uchelan, and proceed under the turnpike. Then right on Liongate.

The next steps would require me to build a ramp, and launch back over the turnpike, to get to my destination, 220 Phillips Rd, Exton, PA.

I've used Streets & Trips 2004 and 2008 and was able to add a pushpin/stop and S&T would map correctly. 2010 want me to go to the north side of the turnpike, and then "jump" across, no matter how many stops I add in an attempt to route correctly.

Any suggestions, short of returning Streets and Trips 2010 top Amazon?
There are various routing tricks. One to try is "Avoid Area". Drag a square with the curser of the area to avoid, right click and select "avoid". The area will be highlighted and the new route will configure around it.

I believe the maps in 2010 are new/updated. A data corruption may have crept in to this area of the map since your last versions.
t1 - thanks for the reply.

I tried the avoid area and was routed around it and back to a point that still required a 'launch' over the turnpike, plus 7 to 8 miles additional driving.

After approx. 1/2 hr messing around with avoids and pushpins, I had to move on to other projects.

This is so frustrating because I have driven this route. I can see it on the map clearly, yet I'd need to be Evil Kneivel(RIP) to get there via 2010. I am glad I am not GPSing to site.
There is something that Streets & Trips doesn't like about the destination address. If you zoom to the area taking in the destination and the Downingtown Turnpike exit, it is not hard to visualize a sensible route over conventional local roads. Rather than messing with "Avoids", I just dragged part of the last few yards of the route to E Welch Pool Road and then another to Phillips Road, recalculated the route and then deleted the original End point. Took seconds, no big deal.
Spades, Thanks for the patch
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