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I'd like to see time zones and times added into the maps
I'd like to see time zones added into the maps. Also wondering if or when time adjustments could be shown. IE: instead of the warning 'check departure time, next stop in different time zone'
1000% agree. I drive tour bus and this would be a great assest. I have spoken to reps at different trade shows and different companies and nobody knows why this is not done.
I would really like to have this feature also. It would also be nice if Streets & Trips adjusted times on routes to the local time zone or at least give me the option to have or not have it do that.

Question: In Streets & Trips 2009 and previous if you were zoomed in to at least 18 miles and double clicked in a blank area it would give you the time zone that point is in (pic attached).

Does anyone know how to get this in 2010? I've been trying to find the hotkey sequence that will give this dialog because I've seen it playing with AutoIt but haven't been able to get it.

Knowing the time zone for me is critical in planning long timed routes.


I'd like to see time zones added into the maps.
In the driving direction, the actual versions is indicating when you travel an cross a timezone...
Marvin Hlavac
Time Zones template for Microsoft Streets and Trips has just been released by SteveJonesMO
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