It takes 2 - 4 minutes on my laptop for Streets & Trips to recalculate routes
Why is Streets And Trips so slow in recalculating routes?

Am I the only one with this problem? When I'm using my phone GPS and I pass a turn by 40 or so feet, I get a new route IMMEDIATELY. With Streets & trips it takes like 2 - 4 min to calculate a new route. By that time I've gone about four blocks. And it has nothing to do with the GPS receiver because it is tracking exactly where I am down to a couple feet as I can see myself on the map.

So why is Streets & Trips so slow?

A little exageration...1-2 minutes...still too long.
Perhaps your computer has too many background processes executing. Right click on the task bar and select the Task Manager. Then select the Performance Tab. There's a bar graph that shows CPU Usage. My ThinkPad shows only a few percent when everything is idle. You might try it with and without Streets And Trips running.

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More stops there are on your route in your planning, and usually it will take longer time (30-45 max for a complex route on my slow system). If the route is spread across all supported countries (long distance routes), this usually makes things slowlier.

What kind of computer are you having (and clock speed)?
How much ram memory you have on your system?
What is your operating system?

All these can affect computer performance...
Running XP and 7, 1.66Ghz, 2MB and clean system...no extra apps running and nothing significant as background app. Maybe it is because it is a complex route that I have open...usually 7-9 stops. What I'll prob do is set up a direct route and see how long it takes to recalculate. I don't know, to me if it takes longer than 15 seconds it is too long if a cell phone can do it in less than 5. This is what happens when you get spoiled on certain things.
I tried a quick 1600 mile route across Canada with only a start and end. Calculation time was under 2 seconds. This is an AMD laptop running S&T 2010 on Vista. One thing I like about S&T is its ability calculate a multipoint route very quickly; much faster than MapSource. That was tested for a 7000 mile trip in the US and Canada with many stops. I was adding stops and letting it recalculate the route as I developed it.

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