Interesting Homebuilt Marine Chart Plotter
Ben and Ken, Wine does have support for both USB and serial ports. With serial you need to create a text file in the application config directory connecting the device on your machine with a com port. With USB I think it's handled in the Wine control panel. Also, if you own a copy of Windows you can install it in virtualbox and then, especially if you have the memory on your machine to support it, both performance and flexibility is almost as good as it would be if you actually had a Windows PC there. It even does accelerated 3D. But wine will run around 1/2 to 2/3 of Windows programs if you are willing to fuss with it enough. Can be time consuming getting it to work sometimes, though.
I have run WINE in Mint 10 Julia and it becomes a bit fussy for me. Luckily I have my son's old phone which has Android 2.2 Froyo and built in GPS. Plus my GF bought me a Garmin Nuvi 255W. All great devices, but I am looking into a small Linux PC for when I am out on the boat and I want to run Sea Clear software. I may have to use WINE for that.
Just today I found a new link on the opencpn site to a new mac beta and it works on my (10.5.8) machine. No glaring flaws in the 5 minutes I had to play with it. Even though I'm a non-boater, (although I loved sailing a tiny boat as a kid) the charting apps are interesting.
Here is one I built last year from an Acer One AO531. Built in Wireless data modem, WiFi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, wireless mouse and GPS. I modified the charging control chip to accept a direct 12V from the boat power system **if the battery isn't installed** so with everything running I only use 10W or less (My night navigation/running lights use more juice). It also can tie in to my fish finder to make depth maps. It runs OziExplorer, Fugawi Marine ENC, Dr Depth and Delorme for use navigating in my truck. It mounts on the dash and takes up very little boat space in my small fishing boat I use mainly on the Mississippi River.

Netbook 2 Chartplotter Project
That is a really cool unit you made.
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