How to correct incorrect locations of POIs in Streets & Trips?
Have found several POI locations in 2010 version of Microsoft Streets and Trips that are not in the proper location. Is there a way to move them?

Unfortunatly, the built-in POI cannot be moved. This is the problem with database, there are always outdated as soon as some company disappear and the database needs some latency to correct.

Usually, i am checking important POI with a second source at trip planning (using Bing, Google map, mapquest, etc) time and put my own pushpins to mark them when there are problems...
Q: Where does Microsoft get the built-in POI?
A: All the campground info comes from Woodalls, the rest comes from NAVTEQ.

You can report any loaction inaccuracies with these guys and it will eventually make it into S&T.
Marvin Hlavac

Hi mopar400,

Just like Larry says, the way to do it is to send map feedback directly to the map data provider.

More details @ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/281826

To submit feedback to NAVTEQ, visit the following NAVTEQ Web site, and then complete the online form: http://mapreporter.navteq.com/dur-web-external/secured/submitDur.do

Reporting map errors and omissions directly to NAVTEQ is the quickest way to get the correction in the product. If NAVTEQ has the update, it can make its way into future versions of Streets & Trips or MapPoint. To learn more about how NAVTEQ uses customerís feedback, visit the following NAVTEQ Web site: http://mapreporter.navteq.com/dur-web-external/secured/support.do
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