Can GPS in Smartphone be used as receiver for Streets & Trips?
I thought it would be simple. I have a GPS phone, (HTC Pure with WinMo 6.5). Should just plug it in, point the com port to com3, and voila. Sadly, no joy. So before I spend more time on it, is it possible to even do this? Do I need some additional software on the phone to send the GPS data to the laptop? It's a tablet PC and I just figured I could have a big 12 inch touch GPS Navigation, but I'm on the road now and I'm sorely disappointed. Any help?
Save yourself a whole bunch of trouble and buy a separate inexpensive USB GPS such as the GlobalSat BU-353. The other approach might work with GPSGate on the phone but nobody has ever confirmed it one way or the other. Without some program on the phone to redirect the GPS data, it likely won't work.

Thanks for the input. I had thought about it but I didn't have time to order it and wait for it to come in. Since I'm driving on the interstate right now, (Well, my wife is actually driving - I'm not THAT crazy!) So I was kinda hoping for a solution I could pull off in the passenger seat. I'll try the download and post my results :-)

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