How to attach a laptop mount in 2005 Scion xB?
Universal 7-13 inch Netbook Car Mount Kit

I gave that one a go but my new delivery vehicle (Scion xB) dash doesn't work well with this.

Found this:

ALANT12 (Click Here For More Info)

Also found this but spendy:

Air Desk Laptop Desk Laptop Stand* Car Desk

I'm trying to think of a way to mount one. Maybe with something like a Ram Mount pedestal bolted in that "square looking cup holder" on the dash just above the glove box.

Maybe attach the adjustable mount I bought (pictured above) to a flat "traditional" mount and attach the Ram Mount type pedestal to that ??

I recall finding this site some time ago :

SMC: Pedestal Type Mounts

many options for custom mounts listed on the left side of web page...
I currently use a Thinkpad x31 (12.1") and will be purchasing an x200 (12.1") sooner than later. This is for 50% GPS and 50% web access via my Overdrive MiFi device. This will be my 4th vehicle I've set up a notebook/ultra-portable in. Past vehicles include a Toyota P/U, Chevrolet Van, Mitsubishi EXPO. This vehicle's setup will also be a non permanent one.
Netbook and Pedestal Mount should be here 5/7. I will take some pictures and add a 4th album this weekend.

$36.90 Bing cash back bringing the total to $263.09
MSI Wind U123-025US 9S7-N03332-025 Netbook - Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 10.2" WSVGA, Windows 7 Starter, 9-Cell, Red at TigerDirect.com

$19.88 + shipping
Car Floor / Seat Bolt Mount Kit for Acer One Netbook Laptop PC

I already had :

The total cost including shipping was $37.45 USD

Purchasing latest version of Garmin Mobile PC as my version is now 2 years old.

Interested in how this works out. I am still considering the Manfrotto system http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3247-manfrotto-netbook-mounting-system

Mike called them today. The whole set-up will be $268. The netbook case alone is $100 that attaches to the mount! I'm still undecided. It looks like a quality system though and it can be used in more than one vehicle.
The Netbook showed up today! It's the blue version not red, only the outer part of the lid is blue otherwise it's all black - looks good. Many power settings, battery life thus far is outstanding. Machine was tested running continuous internet browsing via WiFi, lasted over 8 hours. On power saver mode it shows 9 1/2 hours remaining.

Hopefully the mount and latest Garmin Mobile PC arrives Sat. I will take pictures tomorrow of install should the mount arrive as scheduled.

$36.90 Bing cash back bringing the total to $263.09

Well it appears to have an issue. It randomly powers off. I found one commenter on newegg that had the same issue and stated MSI exchanged it due to fan not kicking on and overheating causing the shut down.

Sent Netbook back to MSI today for fix/replacement.

Received Netbook mount today, looks good !!

Square platform is spring loaded to absorb shock.

2 different floor mounts

Netbook can be tilted and swivel adjusted.
Marvin Hlavac
Looks good. Looking forward to seeing it mounted in your vehicle. Hopefully the new netbook will arrive w/out any delay.
Industrial Velcro (super strong!!) used to attach holder and mount.

Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
Looks good. Looking forward to seeing it mounted in your vehicle. Hopefully the new netbook will arrive w/out any delay.
Netbook sent out today via FedEx. I will have better pictures up in an album once it arrives.

Got the Netbook back today and took some quick pics.

Let us know how the mounting system works out. The price almost seems "too good to be true"! I just spent almost $300 on the Manfrotto system. I really like it though, it's just so expensive!
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