Pushpins move to new location when different symbols used in Streets & Trips 2010
Moving a post into its own thread in hopes of getting a response...

I notice a problem with the icon library (the one offered on the S&T blog). It seems the "insertion point" for these icons is not the same as on the original icons in Streets & Trips 2008.

I'm using only icons 000 to 015 from that library as those were the only ones I needed / used in 2008.

Here's how to see the issue:

Create a few pushpins (use the default black pushpin) in Streets & Trips 2008 or older - note exactly where the point on the pushpin lands.

Open in Streets & Trips 2010, import symbol 000 from the library, assign it to the dataset from the imported file, then go and look at the pushpins.

You'll see that the point on the imported symbol is several pixels down from where the original pushpin was.

That won't work with my setup - am going to have to put up with the foam rubber hats () for now.
Ken in Regina
I apologize if I'm being obtuse but does the actual location of the waypoint change? Or just the display of the pushpin icon?

If it's the former, I can understand the concern. If it's the latter, I don't understand why it would matter.

It's more a display issue. I use the pins to represent substations on my map - and it just looks weird to have them appear as if they were IN the street and not on the side. Oh well. Foam rubber hats it is then.
I am not sure I completely understand your problem, Linechaser, so feel free to reject the following.

What I think the problem is that Streets & Trips 2010 places the pushpin icons for an imported data set on your map with an unvarying, but undesirable, offset from where the icons were placed in Streets & Trips 2008.

If that is the situation, would it be possible to do a macro adjustment of your data set for instance by adding (or subtracting) a small factor to the lat/long data in you data source file? You can use ctrl-alt-C zoomed-in to the finest level to calculate how much of an adjustment you require. Then, apply the adjustment either to the lat/long data columns or create new columns for the adjusted data.
What I may do is copy/paste the icon .bmp images into a blank one that is twice as tall then resave - the idea being that if Streets & Trips 2010 centers the image on the pushpin location, having the icon twice as tall (with the bottom half transparent) should compensate for the changed 'insertion point' (offset) and place the 'old' pushpin symbol in the approximate same location. It'll be a while before I pursue that angle - am currently going through the file with a fine-tooth comb to verify all the alignments (have found many mistakes in my original).
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