Error: A connection cannot be made to the GPS receiver using the specified port
I recently purchased Deluo Bluetooth Keychain GPS when I found them being sold for $20 brand new. Since it is rechargeable I let it charge completely and paired it with my computer with no problems. It connected and said that it was communicating on COM port 7. I went into Streets and Trips 2010 and configured it for that port but I just got this error:

A connection cannot be made to the GPS receiver using the specified port. Make sure another program is not using that port, then try again.
There were no other programs using the GPS so I uninstalled and reinstalled the GPS from my system (which is Windows 7 64-bit). It gave me the same error. I uninstalled the GPS, rebooted the machine, installed it again, and open Streets & Trips. This time it worked. I was centered at my correct location. I closed the program and opened it again to make sure it would continue to work. Unfortunately, it gave me the same error as before. I then downloaded "Simple GPS Tester" and set it to the correct port and baud rate. It instantly began giving me coordinates and NMEA 2.0 data. It made no sense. I then installed Streets & Trips 2007 because that is what came with the GPS. It came up with the same error as the 2010 version. To make sure it had nothing to do with my running a 64-bit OS or that I wasn't running XP I installed XP 32-bit in a virtual OS. I connected the Bluetooth radio to the virtual machine, installed Streets & Trips 2007, and paired the GPS. I got the same error.

I am really at a loss. It is very hard to find info on this GPS, but it seems as though it works fine except with Streets and Trips. I also tried it with "BSGPS" A free GPS mapping software. It didn't see it either. Ooh yeah, when I scan for the correct COM port in Streets & Trips, it shows that it found a GPS device on the correct COM port, but when I try to start tracking, it just gives me the error from above. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks for any help you can provide. I will attach pictures along with this post that show some of the errors, and NMEA data stream.
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Bluetooth receivers are hit-or-miss with S&T (and, as you've discovered, with certain other programs as well). The problem seems to be an inability to grab an exclusive lock on the COM port.

The usual solution in such cases is to buy GPSGate and split off the signal to a virtual COM port, then point S&T to the virtual port.

But unless you really have a need to avoid wires, you might as well spend your money on a USB GPS receiver instead. Much less trouble, and much less hassle to get working. Also very cheap these days.
Did you set up the BT properly in Windows? Did you use the code that comes with the Deluo (probably '0000')? Does the GPS device show as a BT device when you click on the BT icon in the notification bar and choose 'Show Bluetooth Devices'?

I just tried S&T 2010 on my Vista (32 bit) laptop with an iTrek M7 and it found the GPS using the scan option with no issues. This is what I expected as I have not had any problems using any navigation program with a BT GPS receiver (I have 4 different BT GPS receivers).

Thanks for your help....I already have GPSGATE but could not get it to install, but I just found a workaround to install it for win7 64-bit. I'll try to get that working.

tcassidy, yes the bluetooth device installed correctly, I have a picture of my Bluetooth places in the pictures above. I am getting data from the device that I can see so I don't think it is a problem with the installation of the device.
Your picture above shows 9600 bps. S&T will not work with that bit rate. GPS Gate can resolve that though and it talks to the Bluetooth stack directly as well (ie you don't have to set the GPS up in BT).

It's all good now, I got GPS Gate working properly and everything works fine. Thanks for your help.
Hi All. I have exactly the same problem but unable to fix it with Autoroute 2010 and Windows 7 - 64 bit. The GPS receiver is a BT perfectly working when connected to the laptop through a program like Visual GPS. I also made a try with GPS Gate, but got an error message "unable to create virtual com port", even if the program was running with administrator privileges.

Can somebody help? Thanks a lot.
If Visual GPS tells you the BT GPS is 9600 bps, it will not work directly with Autoroute. There is a specific thing you have to do with GPS Gate to make it work on 64 bit systems.
GpsGate for 64-bit Vista and Windows 7

Thank you Terry, yes, I missed to copy the driver in the Windows folder, now it works. Thanks, Claudio
I am now trying to connect with both the laptop and mobile (a PalmOne Treo with Palm OS). Unfortunately I am unable to connect the mobile via bluetooth using SCN 1, as I get a failure message on creating that port (and SCN 25 or any other greater than 10 is not working as well). I'll run some more testing.
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