Keep another map open in a background window when using GPS
Experienced Streets and Trips 2010 and AutoRoute 2010 users will know that the application takes over control of the visible map when GPS is active. This can be a bit frustrating if you want to view another part of the map or the entire route.

An easy way of dealing with this is to have a second Window open in Streets & Trips / AutoRoute with whatever map view you require behind the active Window where GPS is active and controlling. In this way if you want to see something other than what the GPS has locked focus on, just switch to the background Window. When finished, revert to the Window with the active GPS and resume your navigating. It is probably slightly better to open both Windows before activating the GPS.

As MisterMoonlight has suggested, it may even be possible to have two maps with active GPS with a clever use of Xport (or possibly other such applications) to facilitate a port emulation to achieve that end.
Marvin Hlavac
SpadesFlush, this is a good tip. Not too many mapping applications allow running two instances simultaneously, but this is still possible in Streets & Trips and AutoRoute.

This tip has just been added to Tips & Tricks for Streets & Trips.
Thanks, Marvin. The idea was triggered by questions raised by thoughtful Forum members in another thread. Together, we make progress.
As an additionnal comment about using two versions of microsoft mapping software with S&T Keys:

If user is using S&T Keys 2010, it will allow to have both Streets & Trips and AutoRoute 2010 open at the same time. S&T Keys will only control the one that is assigned to be controlled in S&T Keys option general tab panel. User can also change the controlled application in S&T keys without closing neither Streets & Trips neither AutoRoute and it will gracefully switch control from one to the other. But i doubt any user would ever use that switching feature

The problem will come if two instances of S&T are opened at the same time. I guess that S&T Keys would be confused and not work correctly all the time, because it won't know which one it should control...
Won't Keys just control just the window that's open? How would it 'see' an window that is minimized?

I cannot see using Streets & Trips and AutoRoute at the same time as a practical matter so I would not worry about conflicts.
Spadeflush said:
I cannot see using Streets & Trips and AutoRoute at the same time as a pratical matter so I would not worry about conflicts.
Like i said, there are no problems with 2 differents application. Some problems may happen with 2 instances of S&T. For example, the hotkey to minimize S&T and restore it (F2 or scroll lock), may get into problems. There are probably other problems that i don't think about now...
A different approach of using 2 instances of S&T would be is to use S&T Keys built-in functions instead. Using 2 instances of S&T is just a heavier load that could be uninteresting on slow systems (or resource tight old systems).

When navigating in full screen, by just pressing "S&T Keys" hotkey "A" (Arrange map view), this will release the control of the map by Streets & Trips while the GPS icon stays on screen. Than it is possible to quickly press <PGUP> hotkey to zoom out and get an overview of the map trip. Cursors keys can also be used carefully to move the map. When completed, pressing the "A" hotkey again will simply give S&T control of the map viewing again.

So no application switching, potential S&T keys conflicts, system resource eating, etc.

As an alternative, when in full screen, user after pushing "A" hotkeys can press <F11> than drag the map with the mouse then use the zoom in/out control, then press again <F11>, "A" hotkeys...

Personally, I am using "A", <PGUP>, <PGDN> and cursor keys trick while staying in full-screen navigation. You just have to take care of zooming out before using the cursor keys to avoid losing where is the GPS icon on the map later.
First off, the ST Keys version I am running is probably for the 2007 (, maybe). Unfortunately, with my system, I have found that newer versions take much longer to zoom in and out. So, the following may not apply to the later versions. But I kinda think it will.

Now, back on subject. When I used multiple maps, all of the functions worked on the currently active map.

When I used <F2>, it would minimize the current map displayed. If another map displayed under the first one, <F2> would minimize that one. Once all maps were minimized, I found <F2> would bring up (maximize) the most recently closed map.

As background, I have used the push pins to mark house numbers. Some that I have delivered to. Others as reference points, in case I have a delivery on that street. On a few occasions, my system was dreadfully slow. (Turned out dust in the CPU heat sink was causing the CPU to heat quite high.) So I would run 2 maps, using XPort, to let both have access to the GPS. The background map would be stationary on the intended target/pushpin. The Foreground map was puspin free, so that it did not have as much data to shift, as I moved.

I am curious, what kind of configuration you have:

Computer type (OS, RAM, etc)
S&T version
S&T Keys version

I don't know if it could useful to you, but did you try to use S&T keys favorite destinations list instead of using pushpins?

I have some difficulties to understand that you cannot have a simpler setup than having 2 maps open for driving? But there is not enough details so i can understand what is your problem?

Do you have hundreds of pushpins to mark spots you want to go?

Just having a few pushpins make it really slow (did you try that with only one S&T window)?

I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 1.7MHz cpu, 2 meg ram, Windows XP.
I am currently running ST 2009 and have previously ran ST 2007. (Which is still on the system.)
The version number I quoted above appears to be for the compiler used to create the Keys program. I am probably using 2.22.002 or 2.23.006, that I can tell from my downloads.
I have to head off to work, now. I will give you some more details of my experience when I get a chance.

Oh, yeah. One other quick note. I do have a LOT of push pins.
I deliver pizzas, and the push pins are house numbers.
You have a similar computer power has mine, so I guess you should have a lot of pushpins because my system with S&T 2009 is not usually slow and does not require the use of a dual map.

Can you post your S&T 2009 .est file here just for curiosity so I can try it on my system to see if there is any improvement we can do?

The latest version of S&T Keys 2009 is that one:
S&T Keys 2009 v2.55.5
I suspect that the main reason I had needed the two maps was CPU overheating. I currently run with only the one map, and have for a while.

Also, I have approx 3800 pushpins, and adding. The file is 1.58MB.

As the 2007 version was out of align with, and missing many streets, I trailed everywhere I went creating a map of all the streets.

At one point I figured that was slowing down my system, so I redrew all the streets, using the Draw Feature. Now, when I add a new street, I Draw it. So, when I finally post my .est, you will see the drawn streets, too.

I am going to try to post it now. But if it fails, I may try again tomorrow.
Here is the .est file.
Attached Files
File Type: est Map 09B+ Share.est (1.01 MB)
Marvin Hlavac
John, nice work on the Streets & Trips .est file of your work area.

I suspect the redrawing of the map with all the drawings must take up a lot of resources. Try to create a map file with all your pushpins, but without drawings. The drawings may be useful for new streets which are missing in the software, but it may be unnecessary to have the drawings present even for the streets that are on the map already.

I would suggest to take advantage of the newly added Hide/Show pushpins feature in Streets & Trips 2010. Show them when you need them to set you destinations, but then hide them, so they are not slowing down your system.

Again, excellent work with the file. I see that you are very well organized.
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