New text appears in some pushpins after files converted to Streets & Trips 2010
I have upgraded from Microsoft Streets and Trips version 2008 to version 2010. When readying for a trip, I run Streets & Trips 2010 and open the S&T 2008 trip file. Then, I re-save the 2008 trip file under a new name and allow Streets & Trips 2010 to make the (permanent) conversion.

I am having trouble with the pushpins in the new, converted Streets & Trips 2010 maps. The icons are not the same as what I assigned in the 2008 map and some of the information in "Show Information" has been randomly added.

Any ideas? I will post thumbnails momentarily.

Here are the thumbnails:
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I too just noticed the "show information" problem.

And the map file I'm working on is also a converted file from Streets & Trips 2008.
Hi all,

This is a bug in the conversion code in S&T You can read more about the issue on this thread: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2636-reading-old-version-files-new-version-microsoft-streets-trips.

Unfortunately, it has existed in the product for years (since S&T 2004!?) and it still exists in S&T 2010. It was not caught until recently so it apparently isn't something that affects many users.

Here is the deal. It only occurs while opening an old saved map file that has 2 or more pushpins - some with street addresses and others without any street address. During the conversion process the software wrongly populates the 'missing' addresses with the same address.

The problem does not occur if the address is entered into the balloon manually. It must be an address populated by S&T (like from an address search).

Here is the work-around:
  1. Open up the old EST file in the original version of S&T
  2. Open up the new version of S&T
    (you should now have 2 maps open)
  3. Cut/Copy the Pushpin set from the legends and overview pane and paste it on the new version of S&T.

The transfering of pushpin sets is a good trick to know even if you have never been affected by this bug. It avoids the conversion process and you won't get the bogus addresses in the wrong balloons.

Sorry for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.
Hi, Larry,

As always, you are the go-to-guru! Thanks for the work-around.
Marvin Hlavac
Added to Tips & Tricks for Streets & Trips.

I'm sorry to say that something is still fishy...

I opened 2008 to the map called "Pushpin Template 2008" and consolidated all my pushpin sets into just one set using the cut and paste method. This created a total of 16 Pushpins in the one set called "My Pushpins."

I opened 2010 and prepared a blank map and saved it as "Pushpin Template 2010."

I then went back to 2008, opened the Legend, highlighted "My Pushpins," and right clicked to copy. I moved back to 2010 to an open area on the map and right clicked to paste.

Only 10 of the 16 pushpins moved over and some of the information was incomplete. I can not find a commonality between what did not move.

Any thoughts?
Another diagnostic challenge...

I often copy sets between maps and using diffent versions and I don't recall noticing this ever happening.

Q: Is it 100% repeatable?
Q: Can you copy the "my pushpins" set from 2008 to another instance of 2008?
Q: Try making 2 sets (8 pushpins in each) and hopefully you will be able to narrow down what is causing this.
Hi, Larry,

Thanks for your continued help.

#1 Yes, it is repeatable.

#2 & #3 I will give these a try and re-post.

I can send you the two map files, if you like and will give me instructions on how to go about it.
Marvin Hlavac
t1dunn, you are most welcome to upload .est files here as attachments to your post. Just make sure they don't include any private/sensitive information.
Thanks, Marvin,

Yes, some of my pushpins have private info... But, maybe I can delete them for testing purposes. I am busy for the next week or so; testing will have to wait a bit.
I am on the fly, but have had time to remove the pushpins with personal info. I ended up with 11 pushpins in 2008. Only 4 transfered to 2010. I used the work-around method of cut and paste. I am posting the files, below, but have not had an opportunity to reveiw them myself.
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