I need to import a large number off addresses to Microsoft Streets and Trips
Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me with a quick question.

I need the ability to import a large number off address to the mapping software. (upwards of 200) I'm an inspector and was thinking of adding my complaint list so that when I am driving around I can quickly look at the map to see what complaints are close to me which I can check out.

After I do an inspection, I need to be able to remove the complaint from the list. Ideally, I could remove it from the software/map after I did the inspection, or I could just upload a new list everyone morning.

Is this possible with Microsoft Streets and Trips?

It would be nice too to be able to get it to automatically route the most efficient way to get to a bunch of complaints in a certain area.

Thanks for the info

Marvin Hlavac

Hi Mark (a.k.a. Phobos),

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

The above screenshot depicts Microsoft Streets and Trips with over 2,800 imported locations. You should have no problems with 200 addresses. I personally use the import feature very seldom, and I hope you will get feedback from others who actually use the feature.

Streets & Trips will allow you to select your desired destinations, and then it may even optimize them, so you do them all in the fastest time.

After you are done, you may delete some of the imported addresses, or you may delete all of them at once.
Thanks for the response Marvin. Would anyone happen to know if you are able it import data from Microsoft Access?
Yes, Access database files import just fine.
Well, I purchase Microsoft Streets and a new laptop My only problem now is when I try and import a file with my address's it puts one pushpin way out in Nunavut. Obviously, something is not right with my import file.

Anyone have any pointers or suggestions?


I just hate it when something like that happens. If it were me I would double check the database to be sure that I wasn't dealing with a transposed number or that the database itself had everything aligned properly in columns and rows. If it was only one address out of a couple of hundred then edit the one that isn't right and IMHO you didn't do too badly.
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