Use Two Open Windows to Compare Alternative Route Choices
When you are planning a new route, you may want to compare one choice against another. You may want to check the time or mileage consequences of making tentative alterations to the original route. You can use multiple open windows to instantly see the changes.

For instance, you can plot a simple route from Start to End in the usual fashion. Save that and open a new window with Streets & Trips or AutoRoute running in it. In that latter window, open your just-saved route. It will only allow you to open in Read-Only mode, which is fine. The new window becomes in effect your base, or reference, route. Now, revert back to the original window and make whatever changes occur to you. When you are finished with your modifications, just close the new window and save your-newly modified route in the old window.

If you decide your original route was just fine, simply close the open route file; remember you have already saved the original route in your first step.

If you have Windows 7, you can easily show these two route alternatives side-by-side (Task bar -> "Show side by side") but even in older Windows versions it is not too hard to position Windows on the screen. Of course, the larger the monitor, the better: not recommended for the Viliv S5.
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