Streets & Trips unable to route properly when the Start location is on a highway
I was just now trying to get the correct route for driving my motorhome to a tire shop. I know how to get to the Interstate, so I only need directions on city streets. From my Start on I90, Streets & Trips just leaves I90 without an interchange. The route directions state this too. In the below picture the Location Sensor at the bottom right indicates THE Start location. I'd like to see if other folks have the same problem. I have sent a bug report to Microsoft.

I have noticed this numerous times while on a 8800 mile trip at the beginning of the year.

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Streets & Trips ain't perfect.

Try moving the Start point. For instance, I moved it back up the Interstate and placed it on the WB entrance ramp from North Argonne Road and it produced a reasonable route. Mind you, that tire store might have good Interstate visibility, but access is not exactly straightforward.

Sometimes fiddling around with stops and starts resolves this sort of problem.
Thanks for the reply, but with my copy there is no way i can Start at the On Ramp from North Argonne, and even get the route to resemble a reasonable route to the tire shop. There is a disconnect on E Broadway from the Off Ramp to the N Thierman St intersection. I know this area well and i was just double checking the way i planned to go.

While on my winter trip, i noticed a number of times while using the GPS pane, and telling it to calculate from my present position to my destination that it would give me directions to leave the interstate (without and interchange) at the new Start point. That was on I10 in FL, amongst other places. If it was dark and rainy and you relied on the "mapping" software---you'd be in deep doo-doo. I do not recall previous version doing that.

I was alone, so i did not get a chance to do what i did a bit ago to post it and inform MS. I'm anxious to see if it gets fixed in the 2011 version, since i got a replay back from them already saying: they would "share it with our data providers and seek to incorporate your feedback as we update our product." I do like the vague "seek to incorporate" terminology though.

Marvin Hlavac
Ron, if you use Streets & Trips for navigation, this is really a non-issue, because as soon as you start driving the automatic route recalculation feature will correct the route in a few seconds. If the auto-recalc feature has been disabled, then just press F3 once or twice while in motion, and it will also correct the route.

And if you are just sitting at your desktop planning a trip, all that you need to to to correct the "highway issue" is to simply click on the "misbehaving" stop to select it, and then move it a bit along the highway. That will correct it.
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