USB GPS BU-353 and Earth Bridge - Setup Instructions
First thing that should be done is to run the BU-353 driver disc, and make sure to run the correct USB driver for you system. My disc has software drivers for Windows XP and Vista. After that has finished, run GPS Information.

Here is what it looks like.

Then plug in the BU-353 receiver into the USB port you wish to use. Windows automatic hardware installer will locate and install the drivers for BU-353 to that USB port, then assign a COM port. We will look into that later.

Next thing to do is download and install Earth Bridge. If you find this software to be helpful, please use the Paypal donation button on the website. It's not my creation, but anyone willing to give away this type of software should be compensated.

Earth Bridge - Bridge the gap between Google Earth and your GPS receiver.

When Earth Bridge starts, it probably won't find the correct port for the BU-353 receiver.

You'll probably get this. Don't panic. Click OK to open Earth Bridge. We will use it later.

Please beware that every system is different and your system may not set to COM13. Here is how to check it.

First open Device Manager and find, "Ports(COM and LPT)". Click on it and you should get this. This where you find out which COM Port your BU-353 has been set to. In my case COM13. Yours may be different. Keep this open, we will use it again.

Then open Earth Bridge, if it isn't still open, and go to "Preferences". Set "COM Port" to your port setting. Mine happens to be COM13. Keep Earth Bridge open, we will use it for the next step.

Now go back to Device Manager, double click "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port", and go to "Port Settings". It's highlighted in blue in the above picture. You will get something like this.

Now pull Earth Bridge up to the window that was just open. Check the settings in Earth Bridge and makes sure they match whats in the "Port Settings" window. It should match just like this.

That's how to set up GlobalSat BU-353 to play nice with Earth Bridge.

If you have already downloaded Google Earth, it will start when Earth Bridge starts. Using Google Earth with Earth Bridge has been covered in other threads, so I won't go through it here.
Can this be made a sticky.I put this in the software section because it's installing software,and making tweaks, to get the hardware to interact with Earth Bridge software.
Great tutorial!
Thank you.
I'mmmm backkkkkk.

Just wanted to drop in and let you guys know that I installed the BU-353 on my wife's new laptop. It's an Acer Aspire 5732Z. It's operating system is Windows 7 x86.

It's a lot faster and works very well with set up I posted here.

For those that may be lurking and wanting to install a BU-353 on A Windows 7 computer, click the Windows Vista button, and download the USB driver for Vista. Don't forget to install GPS info. It's all in the tutorial I posted above.
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