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Seperate start & stop times for each day
A lot of times I'll leave for a multi day trip on Friday evening to get a jump start on things. I wish that I could set the start and end times for each day. Otherwise I have to create a file for each day. An example would be on Friday Evening I start at 6:00 PM and stop at 9:00 PM. With the way the single option is, it'll start me at 6:00 PM the second day when I want to start at 8:00 AM and stop at 5:00 PM. I've been wishing for this for a long time.

You can disable Streets & Trips auto option to set the same start/end day each day (in more route options, just change the start time to midnight and stop time to 23H59). Then you can manually set the start/stop time of each stop in your route as you wish. Let say you start at 8am and stop for the night at 9pm on day one, you may start at 9am on day 2 and stop at 7pm for the night.

The only limitation is that on the start pt (green one), you can just change the start time, the end pt (red one), you can just change the stop time. But the stop pts (yellow ones), you can change both times (this make sense that when you start for the first time (green one), you don't need a stop time, and when you stop and complete the trip (end red pt), you don't need a start time neither).

Tip: nothing keep you from adding a dummy stop pt near another pt so you can change the start/stop times as you wish and for how many nights you want to stop... But don't forget not to set the start and stop hours for 2 consecutive route stops because it may not be possible to achieve both at the same time (Streets & Trips will report it adding a comment in direction pane if you got one of these situations)...

This is a little like this that i implement "calendar mode" in S&T Keys free add-on.

Hope this help
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