Streets & Trips 2010 file stopped letting me create new pushpins
on the road again
I am using Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 and love the new POI! Thank you! I am in a Kentucky rest area tonight, and finally have WiFi. On our way home from Texas, in Texarkana my new POI map template refused to accept any pushpins selected from the tool bar (it did when we first started out on Thurs). It will accept any from the legend (beside the pushpin). As a result I haven't been able to create a route; we are just creating a trail. Would appreciate any help. I still have lots of space on my hard drive if that helps.
Hope someone can figure this out for me ... leaving tomorrow and won't be in Ontario 'til Wed.

I had a similar problem as this and the only thing that fixed it was starting a new file and copying and pasting my POI's into the new file.
I, too, have had problems like this. It can be very frustrating. I have not yet been able to establish the circumstances are that lead to this. I am thinking, however, that it has something to do with either (or both) how many files are open or how big the files. If I close the file and re-open it, then things seem to work fine.
This look like an old bug of older Streets & Trips version. You can look at the repair procedure i have tried at this time...

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