Where to buy Australia map for Garmin Mobile PC?
Hi, I would like to buy the Garmin Mobile PC Australia map for my Viliv S5. Could you please tell me where to buy the software?

Thanks very much.
Garmin sells a map on DVD for Australia. However, it would only work with Mobile PC if you have the version that comes with a GPS (10x or 20x). Also, you would have to use Garmin MapSource to load it as it does not come in compiled format.

Ken in Regina
Hi Mitch,

It's called "City Navigator Australia + New Zealand NT".

The disk includes Mapsource for transfering maps to your Garmin device, including Mobile PC. Do not buy the SD card or download versions because you will not be able to use them with Mobile PC. Here are the differences explained.

As Terry said, you must have bought a version of Mobile PC that came with a Garmin GPS, either the GPS10x or the GPS20x, or the maps will not work.

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