Introductions: GeoWebGuru & Mileage Charts
I've an occasional reader of this site, although I tend to check more frequently. However I'm using it more frequently (eg. my recent Garmin query) and Marvin suggested I posted a some posts about my sites and products.

Really I'm a Microsoft MapPoint specialist and I sell a number of MapPoint products - I'll post more information over in the Microsoft / Streets&Trips folder. However I am involved in some non-MapPoint mapping:

First, I own/operate the GeoWebGuru website. This covers all things involving the geospatial web. I've published news, book reviews, feature articles, overview articles, how-tos, etc. I try to target all skill levels from beginner through to advanced (a few months back I even had a thank-you email from a NASA researcher who found one of my articles useful when working out how to plot aircraft trajectories!) . I am always on the lookout for new articles, so if you are involved in a new geoweb product/service, or you are doing something neat/interesting involving the geoweb, let me know!

I also hande the technical side of the EcoMap Costa Rica. This is a collaboration between the University of Dallas Biology Department and Leaves & Lizards in Costa Rica. Every year students go over and help map/measure a rainforest restoration project. The students also blog about their experiences, and I publish a lot of the details on the site - including an interactive map. In fact the line drawing map of the project area was originally surveyed by students using a Trimble field computer.

I handle the website, panoramic photos, and volcanology. The web maps were originally implemented using UMN MapServer and OpenLayers due to lack of decent rural Costa Rica coverage from Google and Microsoft. With the advent of Microsoft MapCruncher, it has been possible to overlay satellite imagery and aerial photos onto Bing Maps (nee Virtual Earth), and the primary map now uses Bing Maps. The original MapServer/OpenLayers map is still online.

The new field season will be at the end of May - the week immediately before Memorial Day, so be sure to drop by and see what the students have to say! The owners of Leaves&Lizards now own a second property, so we shall probably try produce a basic map of that as well.

Finally, I also operate the Pre-Calculated Mileage Charts for North America and Europe website. This was originally created to publicize one of my MapPoint products by being a portal for pre-computed mileage charts of the US. It has recently been expanded: All charts are free. Mileage charts now cover the US and Canada; and Europe is currently being computed. Some European charts were published early to try and help with the recent travel disruption.
The US charts include a chart for every State - with all towns down to a population of 1000. Puerto Rico is also included. Canadian territory/province charts are similar but exclude Nunavut (only has one town large enough!). There is also a pan US & Canada chart that covers the contiguous US & Canada and contains the 1000 largest cities. When completed the European charts include a pan-European chart of the 1000 largest cities. Also individual country charts (total:24) with either all towns with a population above 1000, or the 1000 largest towns.
The site also includes a calculator for calculating individual mileages and travel times. This is based on Google Maps.
All charts are shipped as Excel 2007 workbooks with distances and times for both the fastest and shortest routes (ie. four worksheets per workbook). Earlier versions of Excel are limited to 256 columns, hence the use of Excel 2007 in the latest charts.

Marvin Hlavac
Great work, Richard.

I just want to link the other thread from here, too. It's a summary of Richard's MapPoint related links: About