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Hello, I am posting here a bit more often, and Marvin asked me to post about the products and services I have. I have already posted about my non-MapPoint mapping project, including the GeoWebGuru.com website, and the EcoMapCostaRica.com website.

My main area of business are tools and custom services for Microsoft MapPoint. Most of these have their own websites, but they can also be found together at Mapping Tools for Microsoft MapPoint. Although Streets&Trips and MapPoint are closely related products, Streets&Trips does not include a programming interface so these products will not work with it. This is unfortunate, as I am sure Streets & Trips users represent a large potential market for MileCharter and RouteWriter.

All our tools and add-ins have free trials available for download. Typically these last 14 days.

I can be hired to write custom programs/add-ins for MapPoint; but here is a brief run-down of the packaged products and services I have:

This is an add-in that computes mileage tables from one group of pushpins to a second group of pushpins (eg. all distances from all customers to all sales offices), writing the output to Excel. It supports all of MapPoint's routing options, and the professional license can also perform calculations like "Report the 3 closest sales offices to each of my customers, that are also within 60 miles".

This is another batch mileage computation product, but it works outside of MapPoint and calculates a list of point-to-point routes from a database. The results are written to the input database, and it also supports multi-processors with the ability to run multiple MapPoint instances in parallel for faster processing.

RouteWriter and RouteReader
These are the two halves of our RouteWriter add-in product. RouteWriter can export route waypoints to Excel (or a text file), matching waypoints with pushpins and outputting all pushpin data. This is useful if you have created a route from pushpins, and wish to export the pushpins in route order.
RouteReader does the opposite and allows you to create a route from a set of imported pushpins in a pre-defined order (typically the pushpins are created with a sequence number that is used to define the order).

MPSuperShape is an add-in that is intended as a 'Swiss Army Knife' for MapPoint shape manipulation. It can combine overlapping shapes, calculate intersections, create boundary shapes around pushpins, simplify shapes, etc. It can also import and export shapes using a number of common formats including ESRI Shapefiles and KML. Where appropriate, these import/export options support different coordinate systems, datums, and projections.

This is out latest product and was only released a few weeks ago. MPCluster is an add-in that performs cluster analysis of pushpins.

The following three add-ins are distributed as freeware:

Back & Forward Utility
This fixes a problem in MapPoint 2009 where the old "back and forward view" buttons and menu items were removed. This add-in re-implements them as menu entries. (MapPoint 2010 has them as menu entries)

Shape Name Utility
Lets you view and change shape names. Intended as a debugging tool.

Drive Speed Utility
Paul Larson's add-in utility lets you explicitly type the required driving speeds as numbers. Later versions of MapPoint only have sliders without explicit numeric speeds. Users typically want to enter a specific speed, so this add-in enables you to do this.

We are also resellers for:

Pushpin Tool
Manages pushpins and pushpin sets.

Single State Mapper
A series of templates to produce isolated maps of US States and counties.

MapPoint 2010

MapPoint Printing Services
These services provide high resolution large area maps - as bitmaps, PDFs, paper, and laminates.

Marvin Hlavac
Richard, thanks for posting it. I have linked this page from the current and previous reviews of MapPoint. It will be an excellent resource.
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