Streets & Trips 2010 trial doesn't start when installed alongside AutoRoute 2010
I downloaded Streets and Trips 2010 to run alongside AutoRoute 2010.

After installing and running it, I clicked on the trial option, Then ...


It went to sleep.

The same thing happened when I installed an older version of AutoRoute alongside AutoRoute 2010.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
I have installed both 2010 trials on my computer and they are working at the same time
No, Roger, I have both Streets & Trips and AutoRoute running.

There must be another explanation.
I installed both programmes to their default locations.

It must be a problem specific to my machine.

Thanks for the pointers.
Marvin Hlavac
1. Roger, try to find the Streets.exe file, right-click it, and then select "Run as administrator".

2. If that doesn't help, I would likely un-install it, and then re-install it by right-clicking the install.exe file, and selecting "Run as administrator". After installing it this way, I would repeat step #1.
Thanks for the tip Marvin.

I had previously uninstalled Streets & Trips, so reinstalled it as admin.

As you suggested, I ran it as admin. No problem.

I then ran it in normal (user) mode and got a message that there were problems in the registry and that I should reinstall to correct these problems.

Before reinstalling I ran a registry cleaner programme.

Then did a repair reinstall, same result. As admin, OK. As user problems.

What I didn't mention at first is that I'm running Win7 64 bit.
It is not the 1st program that run only in admin mode on the different windows OS (i have seen a lot in the past)
Thanks for that MM.
Hmm, very interesting.

As mentioned, I previously installed both AutoRoute 2010 and Streets & Trips 2010 on a Win 7 64 bit machine and had problems.

I've since tried both on a 32 bit laptop with XP Tablet and they run OK.
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