XPort vs. GPSGate
Ken in Regina
Dale has not had time to seed a torrent yet so the only way you can get Ibycus Canada 3.1 is to email him with your mailing address and he'll send out a DVD.

GPSGate is not a Bluetooth repeater. The Bluetooth thing on GPSGate simply means that GPSGate will find a GPS receiver on the Bluetooth stack directly so you don't need to use a Bluetooth virtual COM port for it to see the receiver. It still outputs the location data on the virtual COM ports, not on Bluetooth.

I don't know the answers to your other questions about GPSGate and Google Earth.

I am noticing something about Google Earth listed in the GPSGate settings, but every time I try to turn it on it just says something about not being able to find a Google Earth install when I clearly have Google Earth on my netbook
I have had this happen also. I'm at work and don't have my netbook with me, but if memory serves me, it seems as though I had to point GPSGate to the Google Earth .exe. GPSGate works very nicely with Google Earth.
Okay, thanks again for the input/answered questions.

I decided to purchase the standard version of GPSGate for $40, as stated previously, it is not a lot of money and it future proofs if I decide to run more than my originally intended Streets & Trips and nRoute.

I got the GPSGate/Google Earth setup figured out, but have not tested it, so that gets me further ahead.

Now, as for the sharing GPS over Bluetooth, I found this on the GPSGate site. Thought I would link it here for discussion purposes.

Share GPS over a network, using UDP or TCP/IP - Franson GpsGate

Looks as though a single GPS receiver could potentially be shared between multiple computers over Bluetooth (or other forms of networking) as long as they are within range AND each computer is running GPSGate.

Seems like an interesting concept, but for my application would likely not be an efficient way to do things seeing as none of the vehicles that would be traveling together would have more than one computer running, and the distance between vehicles would constantly be changing and going in/out of range.

Interesting feature, just not something that would work under the conditions I would be using it in.
Ken in Regina
Thanks for that tip on networking the GPSGate signal. It's definitely one of those features that is limited in who can make use of it but worth absolute gold for anyone who needs it.

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