Streets & Trips routes are not showing up on my Garmin
I've just purchased MS Streets and Trips and installed it on a Windows 7 system. I have created several routes in MS Streets & Trips and have exported as GPX file format. As I understood all I had to do was to copy them to my \garmin\gpx folder and then they'd be ready to go. Not so. By now you're probably thinking what a dweeb! Well, I may be but I still need your assistance. :-)

Presently, none of the routes are showing up on the Garmin. I did format and insert an SD card and then copied the routes to the SD card and they still did not show up.

Really need some help.

Thanks in advance.
Hi NDRoth,

Welcome to the forum.

I would hope that no one would be hesitant to ask any question here. If you have a question - likely others have it too.

You have copied the GPX file to the correct place. Do you even see new waypoints (from the route) in your favorites? If not there might be something else going on.

Not all types of Garmin units accept routes. If yours doesn't not then you should see the waypoint in your favorites list.
Once the file was copied to both the \garmin\gpx folder and the SD card (root directory) nothing showed up in Favorites. Keep in mind that I'm referring to the Garmin Nuvi 255W. As I understand it this unit does in fact support the addition of additional routes (from apps. such as Streets & Trips 2010). So, I'm open to, and appreciative of, any suggestions that might be available.
Sorry but the 255W does not support multi point routes as you will see from the SPECS screen at Garmin.com
I appreciate the help. I'll begin to look for another unit.

Take care.
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